Celebrity-Inspired Fashion Jewelry by Pink Brix Boutique

by Amelia Old
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I love meeting like minded women….women who continue building and growing their brand. There’s never a limit with this type of woman and I find great joy in learning about these individuals, their goals, their plans…..it’s exciting. Which means when I received a note from a young lady I met last year about her upcoming jewelry boutique of course I was immediately interested in this new venture.

Pink Brix Boutique is the mastermind of fashionista Jennifer Brix. Her mission?  “To cater to every woman’s personal style and become a provider of affordable, celebrity-inspired fashion jewelry online.”

And affordable it is!!! I absolutely adore the ‘Colleen Necklace’. This beaded statement piece has already become a favorite in my home…..not just for me but my daughter too. She’s already asked if she can borrow it for the first week of school coming up. And at the price….I may buy one just for her.

Ok. So price????



No, seriously. That’s it.  You really can’t beat that.


In fact, shopping thru the Pink Brix Boutique Website….the most expensive necklace was $25! Bracelet-$20 , Rings $20 and Earrings $15. I am a huge fan of costume jewelry. I like statement pieces. I like fun and I like unique. And I like even better when I am not spending a arm and a leg for something that’s not covered in diamonds. Celebrity-inspired does not have to be expensive.

The Victoria Bracelet (available in blue only at the time) is only $7!  It’s stylish AND affordable.

Pink Brix Boutique is an online only fashion jewelry company. You can find them on Twitter  https://twitter.com/pinkbrix , Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/PinkBrixBoutique and of course their direct website at http://www.pinkbrix.com

I look forward to watching Jennifer’s new company grow and I look forward to watching all the new fashionable pieces become available. This website is bookmarked!

Disclosure: Compensation was not provided for this review. All opinions are those of the author’s based on product samples provided by Pink Brix Boutique. 


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