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by Amelia Old
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I can’t believe the new school year is already here. The summer seems to fly by more quickly with each passing year. And my children are growing incredibly fast. It’s hard for me to accept that I have two high schoolers this year. How did that even happen? My oldest daughter is going into 11th grade and my son is entering 9thhis first year of high school.

A new year means backtoschool shopping! Which, quite frankly, is a must at this point because my children are growing at an astonishing speed. My son went from a size 8 shoe to an 11 in just a matter of months. Hello, puberty! Thankfully, all of my children love shopping, so I have no issues dragging them to the mall. Wonder who they get that from!

My youngest daughter is easy when it comes to backtoschool shopping. She’s entering kindergarten and they wear uniforms in elementary school. The older two are a different story. They are free to wear what they’d like (within reason). I’d say they both lean more toward a trendy-preppy look. I took them to Sears to check out the latest back-to-school styles, and they both left with some great options for their new school year.

My daughter gets a little chilly in her classroom, so this lightweight jacket by Canyon River Blues is perfect.



With fall coming up, this is a great piece for her closet. She may find it missing one day, as mom may have to borrow it. Haha!

Her second look is this blue jean shirt paired with dark jeggings. Both are by Canyon River Blues. So cute, and she looks so grown up! There were some great sales going on, so we paid only around $50 for the jacket, shirt, and jeggings.


Believe it or not, my son is pickier than my daughter when it comes to clothes. He already has each outfit laid out for the first week of school. He also takes his time to steam each pieceI kid you not! I never thought he’d be the one to do that.

Jogger pants are an “in” thing at his school, so I was happy to find them by Amplify at an affordable price at Sears. He paired them with a long-sleeved thermal shirt, also by Amplify. We paid less than $30 for this complete outfit. Honestly, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends and beat that price.


I tell myself I’m ready for the new school year. I can focus on work and get my house back in order. But I think I’m lying to myself. It will be extremely quiet around here soon. Wishing them both the best of luck with this new year. I know they’ll make me proud.


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