Celebrating Accomplishments and Making Memories with McDonald’s (Sponsored)

by Amelia Old
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Our oldest daughter is on the highschool IEA team . This past year was her first year on a team like this. A few months ago, the team competed in Regionals in Virgina and placed 2nd! So…that meant we were on our way to….ZONES!!!!! That’s one step away from Nationals!!!!  In April, I loaded up my car with both of my daughters and we made a road trip…ready to take on the nearly 900 miles (round trip) before us.

When I was a young girl, we weren’t in the position to go out to eat often but one thing we DID do is go to McDonald’s to celebrate accomplishments. Made all A’s?! Happy Meal it is! For us, it was special. It was a treat. It was good food but also something my family could afford on a special occasion.

So, how do we celebrate accomplishments and make memories with our kids? HAPPY MEALS! SMOOTHIES! And as my oldest will say….MCFLURRIES!


mcdonalds2Little Miss PITQC was SO tired! 

Fast food can get a bad rap but at McDonald’s they provide fast, not fake, food and it’s affordable. Some of the same suppliers that provide many of our groceries provide some of the beef, chicken and fruit at McDonald’s.

That’s why I don’t have a problem sharing the McDonald’s experience with my family. My family thinks I’m funny. I don’t eat beef and pork typically due to the fact I don’t like it. But, on occasion, I will treat myself to a McDonald’s hamburger. That’s pretty much the only beef I will eat when I allow myself to have it. Because I actually like it! Funny…right?



On that Saturday in April, my daughter gave it her all in the ring. I told her…. Win or Lose….she had something to celebrate. She made it that far and how many girls her age can say that?

Her team placed 4th which means they did not advance to Nationals. HOWEVER, my daughter was shocked to hear her name called as 4th place in her category (out of 12 total girls from several states) I was one proud mom!!!!


And just like my parents did…..on our long road home we had a few memories to make and accomplishments to celebrate.


My girls were tired but happy with food in their bellies and not to mention we had a good time celebrating the end of a great season knowing that while this may have been her first major show like this….it definitely wasn’t her last.

mcondalds logoDisclosure: Compensation was provided by McDonald’s via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of McDonald’s.

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