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by Amelia Old
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This year marks 15 years that I’ve been working in the Entertainment industry. I was recently asked to walk in the upcoming LACE fashion show which will benefit Jill’s Wish. Many know that I’ve worked as a model, actress and even talent agent. But, it’s been a very long time since I’ve walked on a runway and I’ve never walked on a runway wearing lingerie.  Back in the day, I did quite a few pinup shoots which I really enjoyed. Here’s my favorite. Guess you can say it’s my #FlashbackFriday . It was taken 13 years ago when I was living in Atlanta and just really getting into my career.


Photo by Rick Newby 

I was a little hesitant about walking in the show in lingerie. I mean, I’m a wife and mom, and putting myself out there like that made me a little nervous because let’s face it-I do not look like the above photo anymore. However, after amazing support from my husband, I agreed. If I really stand for body appreciation and loving oneself then there’s no reason I shouldn’t do it. Right?

When speaking to Ashley-Victoria, founder of LACE, she said “LACE  is about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. I want women to know that lingerie isn’t suppose to be perceived as something sexual or provocative. It’s to empower the woman wearing it, making her feel good about herself; because I believe when you feel good about YOURSELF you can do anything! Even the amazing Dita Von Teese states “Lingerie isn’t about seducing men, its about embracing womanhood”. I really love what she stands for.


Shows like NYFW and Lingerie Fashion Week are INVITE only. If you aren’t someone of importance, you can forget it. There are many women who love luxury lingerie and would be thrilled to see some of these pieces up close.LACE brings those very same designers from Lingerie Fashion Week to showcase their brand in the show – NOT JUST THE NEW COLLECTION – it can be anything to feature; getting their name out there is most important. If the designers choose to come, models, buyers, boutique owners, and guests have the opportunity to meet them – giving them FEEDBACK and showing their clients appreciation.
                                                                                                                                                                                               I will be walking for California based Blackbird Underpinnings who was featured at Lingerie Fashion Week in 2014 as “Ones to Watch”.

                                                                                                                                                                              “Inspired by the daring flappers of the roaring twenties and the fierce, able ladies of the tumultuous thirties, Blackbird Underpinnings brings you locally crafted intimates with a touch of the renegade feminine.”

With my love of old Hollywood…I don’t think there could be a better client to work with. 

LACE has partnered with Jill’s Wish – a percentage of the proceeds acquired from LACE are donated to the cause. Jill’s Wish provides financial assistance to families who’s loved ones have been recently diagnosed with any form of cancer. They are also the only show that has BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS showcasing the AnaOno collection which is a luxury mastectomy bra line.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Tickets are currently on sale for the May 9th show at .
From now until March 15th, you will receive $5 off (runway seats only) when using the promo code ‘Amelia’ .
So, if you appreciate luxury lingerie and want to see the latest on the market and you love supporting organizations such as Jill’s Wish-I encourage you to join us.

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Julia Zolinsky February 27, 2015 - 8:54 pm

Amelia, we are BEYOND thrilled to have you walking in our show at LACE!! Like Ashley-Victoria and LACE, we are all about inspiring confidence and self-expression through lingerie, and we are excited to be part of the show this year. Thanks so much for this great post, and we can’t wait to see you on the runway! 🙂

Blackbird Underpinnings


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