Meet and Greet with Dr. Travis Stork & Crest Pro Health (Guest Post)

by Amelia Old
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When asked to attend a Meet and Greet with Dr. Travis Stork to discuss leading a healthy lifestyle at the Diva Dash in Charlotte I was pretty disappointed that I wasn’t available. However, our friend Ally Frazier happily agreed to attend in our place.

Look at him…..wouldn’t you?


Ok enough staring. Check out what Ally had to say about her experience with Crest Pro Health, Dr. Stork and the Diva Dash!


On Saturday, June 21, Dr. Travis Stork teamed up with Crest to talk to participants of the Shape Magazine Diva Dash Race about the importance of oral care to overall health. Dr. Stork is an Emmy nominated TV host of The Doctors, has recently penned his own book “The Doctor’s Diet,” and some of you may remember him as The Bachelor from a few seasons back! Most importantly though, Dr. Stork is a huge advocate for preventative health and leading a healthy lifestyle!

While I waited my turn to talk with Dr. Stork about his partnership with Crest Pro-Health I watched as he posed for pictures, signed autographs and greeted every single person with a huge smile. You can tell from just a glance that he is someone who genuinely loves what he does – helping people lead healthier happier lifestyles. Plus, he likes to practice what he preaches!


Dr. Stork is quick to tell you his philosophy behind a healthy lifestyle is to, “make health your hobby.” He says a lot of people ask about fad diets or are quick to jump on the bandwagon for the newest healthy trend but he sticks to this mantra: keep health simple, focus on the basics, develop healthy routines. Your oral health reflects the overall health of your body and that is where Crest Pro-Health comes in!


Crest has just released their newest product, Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse, and it is an ideal choice for starting your day and healthy routine off fresh. Plus, this new and improved rinse provides anti-cavity and anti-tarter benefits all in one. Tarter is hardened plaque that gets stuck to your teeth that cannot be brushed away.  Crest Pro-Health Tarter Protection Rinse helps to prevent this by featuring fluoride to prevent cavities and pyrophosphate to prevent tarter build up.  An extra bonus is that it also strengthens your enamel for the perfect preventative health trifecta!

So what is Dr. Stork’s favorite part of teaming up with Crest? He says it has given him the opportunity to do what he loves. He loves to be in the community, he enjoys meeting people who watch the show and who are excited about not just their health, but preventative health. Working with Crest has given him the opportunity to work face to face with people who are just as passionate about health as he is and to educate individuals about the importance of oral care to preventative health.


Going to the Dentist every six months is not enough to keep your pearly whites in peak condition! You can pick up Crest Pro-Health Tarter Protection Rinse in most drugstores or online at for just $5.49 so go grab a bottle and get started on making the most of your health every day.

Don’t forget to Like Crest on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @Crest to learn more about dental care and its effects on your overall health. Learn more about Crest Pro-Health Tarter Protection Rinse here:

This Sponsored Post is written in partnership with One2One Network and Crest Pro-Health. All opinions are those of the author’s. 

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