Tsopei Ink Presents: Be Beautified! Live with Jami Svay

by Amelia Old
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Tsopei Ink Presents: Be Beautified! Live with Jami Svay


Charlotte, NC –The BEAUTY-Full Guide is taking on the beauty of technology and social media and going live on Wednesday July 27th beginning at 11:00 am EST. The hour and 30 minute beauty session will feature: live makeup tutorials from the book, giveaways from our webcast sponsors, Q&A from top beauty bloggers in the nation, and special guest interviews.

Tune in on The BEAUTY-Full Guideā€™s Facebook, website, or dedicated Ustream channel: TBG Beauty Brunch to watch the show. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tbg-beauty-brunch

For information on The BEAUTY-Full Guide or to schedule an interview with Jami Svay, please call 704-789-3414 or e-mail info@thebeautyfullguide.com

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