Skincare for Men: Slow the Signs of Aging

by Amelia Old
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Organic Male OM44 Products – 4 Steps – 4 Minutes – 4 Men

Striking a chord with males of all ages, Organic Male OM4 fuses natural, high quality ingredients withinnovative suspension technologies to produce ground breaking formulas that are truly exclusive in the science of skin. Taking skin care by storm, Organic Male OM4 produces strikingly noticeable results by delivering an infusion of highly bio available, natural “skin food” to address the differences in male andfemale skin. Every product positions the skin to be in the absolute best shape possible, while educating men that daily skin conditioning is just as important as maintaining one’s physical fitness. OM4 is a type specific, complete four step skin fitness and conditioning system that is easy to use and requires less than four minutes to apply. This seriously scientific skin care routine is not just for baby boomers but also for teenagers who want to have protected and healthy skin now and forever.

This innovative range helps turn back the clock while finally taking the guess work out of skincare and is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. Each four piece set targets a different skin type, addressing dry, normal, sensitive and oily yet guarantees an absolutely divine, eco-friendly experience. In addition to these sets, the Encore Collection is a series of supplemental products designed to provide targeted solutions for common shaving-related conditions and male skin concerns.Each OM4 collection contains rejuvenating vitamin and antioxidant rich extracts to actively defer the onsetof premature skin aging and help men maintain their best appearance for years to come.

OM4 Dry/Mature Skin Collection

This collection is designed for dry, patchy skin needing extra hydration and brightening, and is effective for sun damage. Combining hydro vitalizing ingredients from the desert, the succulentand drought tolerant botanicals naturally retain moisture and help the skin do the same.Oxygenating ingredients are also micro blended to revitalize and detoxify mature skin.• Desert Succulent Hydrating Cleanser ($35.00)• Desert Springs ph Balancer ($35.00)• Warm Sands Botanical Youth Serum ($45.00)• Thirst Quenching Moisture Complex ($55.00)


OM4 Normal/Combination Skin Collection


This collection is designed for men who have clear, non greasy skin. Combining mineral rich, antioxidant packed berries, grains and wine extracts, the earthy botanicals in this collection provide a solid foundation for normal male skin nutrition. Rich in polyphenols,this collection defers the onset of fine lines and minimizes large pores.• Micro Blended Bio Nutrient Face Wash ($35.00)• Surface Refining ph Balancer ($35.00)• Age Defying Antioxidant Serum ($45.00)• Environmental Defense Hydration Complex ($55.00)

OM4 Sensitive Skin Collection

Specially formulated to calm and soothe, this collection is designed for sensitive skin and addresses shaving related skin conditions and rosacea (redness). Additionally, the collection is infused with active phyto nutrients found in marine based botanicals and green tea.• Marine Mineral and Green Tea Gel Wash ($35.00)• Soothing Ocean Mineral Splash ($35.00)• Phyto Nutrient Cellular Repair Serum ($45.00)• Sea Essentials Calming Moisturizer ($55.00)

OM4 Oily Collection


This collection is designed for oily skin and is effective for blemished, problem prone, and other sebum related skin issues. Eucalyptus, lavender, willow and a host of highly effective ingredients are meticulously formulated in this collection to thoroughly cleanse, regulate oil production, deeply nourishand lightly moisturize skin.• Green Clay Clarifying Cleanser ($35.00) • Purifying ph Balancer ($35.00)• Vitamin A Regulating Serum ($45.00)• Weightless Equalizing Moisture Complex ($55.00)

OM4 Encore Collection

This collection is a series of supplemental products designed to provide targeted solutions to a host of gender specific needs and concerns. Proprietary botanical actives with intense anti-aging properties are micro blended to create five highly effective products for all skin types.• Citrus Bamboo Resurfacing Scrub ($40.00)• Ecopur Natural Hand Sanitizer ($19.00)• Eyebright Age Defying Moisture Complex ($29.00)• Radical Fine Line Eraser Eye Gel ($60.00)• Soothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion ($25.00)

Each set retails for $170 however, products are sold separately.

About Organic Male OM4Organic Male OM4 is the first complete, type specific, organic skin care system for men. The range addresses the needs of sensitive, oily, normal and dry male skin. Precise formulations of food gradenatural, organic and biodynamic botanicals, yield OM4’s distinctive results. Organic Male OM4 products are available at

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