Renaissance and Baroque Elegance in a Timeless Jewelry Collection:Marie-Lise Lachapelle Fall/Winter 2011:

by Amelia Old
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Marie-Lise Lachapelle Fall/Winter 2011
Renaissance and Baroque Elegance in a Timeless Collection Inspired by the Elements

June 2011 – (New York, NY) Marie-Lise Lachapelle, the Quebec-born and New York based jewelry designer, has taken her signature style of creating stunning jewelry inspired by the elements to a new level of luxury with the newly launched Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The Fall/Winter 2011 collection of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets fuses Renaissance and Baroque inspired elegance with whimsical elements of nature to create yet another timeless jewelry collection.

AmaliaThe "Amalia" Necklace….by far my favorite. Elegant, classy and BEAUTIFUL

Best known for her work with actual flowers preserved in resin and semi-precious metals, Marie-Lise Lachapelle has taken nature-inspired jewelry to a whole new level with the current collection, modeling the new pieces after her signature orchids, roses and leaves except this time creating the entire piece out of precious metals rather than just plating the preserved florals. The collection includes pieces created from yellow, white and rose gold as well as sterling silver,gold vermeil and even goldite – a special nickel/ lead free creation by Marie-Lise for the collection of brass and zink that is highly polished and never tarnishes. Certain pieces also include genuine black and white diamond embellishments. Elements of Baroque and Renaissance are evident in the numerous “frame” pieces within the collection such as the pendants, brooches, necklaces and earrings. Inside each of the frames,elements of nature present themselves in the forms of small birds, branches, and flowers.

Marie-Lise Orchid Collection 2

“The frames came to me in a dream. As these stunning flew at me – each one containing something special inside – I was instantly inspired to create jewelry based on these stunning gold and silver frames I saw,” Marie-Lise explains about the inspiration for the “Frames” series within the collection. “Frames are always seen as the encasement for art, but I saw the frames themselves as art and wanted to bring that into the art that we adorn our bodies with – jewelry.”

All pieces in the collection, though modern and unique, are timeless and designed to be worn again and again for years to come. As is a feature of many of Marie-Lise’s collections, several of the pieces are designed to be versatile and can in fact be worn in a number of different ways depending on the wearer’s taste, outfit or mood.

Marie-Lise Orchid Collection

Prices for the collection range from $190 to $3,200. For more information on Marie-Lise Lachapelle or to browse the online boutique please visit

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