The Beauty Benefits of Wine

by Amelia Old
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As some of you may or may not know, Pretty in the Queen City is not my only venture. I love to have my hands in many projects. One of those projects includes assisting clients with Marketing/PR/Social Media. 

One of my new found loves (and client)  is IL Decantino by Pouring Wine LLC. IL Decantino serves as a cork, portioner and wine decanter. IL Decantino decants the wine glass-by glass and also serves as a portion regulator. Hand-crafted glass from Europe, durable and strong, dishwasher-safe.

Once the wine bottle is uncorked, the decanter inserts securely into the bottle.  Remove the small cork from the pouring spout, then simply tip the wine bottle forward, and the glass bulb fills to portion and aerate the wine at the same time.  When the bulb is filled, tip the unit to empty the decanter and fill the glass.  The wine serving is perfectly portioned and ready to drink.  No need to wait for the wine to “breathe”… the bouquet and flavors are immediately apparent.  Replace the small cork in the IL Decantino decanter and enjoy!
You're probably asking how this relates to beauty/health/wellness! This is PERFECT for gathering your girlfriends together to enjoy a glass or two of wine while winding down and enjoying nice conversation. (Just leave the work conversation at work!)  And according to a recent online article I read, wine offers beauty benefits beyond the glass! The East Oregonian states "Antioxidants in red wine do all kinds of helpful things for the body – like protecting your heart and boosting "good" cholesterol levels. But it turns out that crushed grapes not only offer healthy benefits inside, but skin beautifying benefits outside."
Many spas across the world offer treatments such as red wine baths which feature crushed grape or wine extracts. Merlot wraps, crushed cabernet scrubs and vino-lift anti aging facials are just a few other luxurious spa treatments available.


For my Chicago followers, I'll be at the NRA show next week! If you are there, please stop by our booth as I will be there representing IL Decantino and Pouring Wine LLC. 

I recently received these BEAUTIFUL Allure Aerating Cabernet / Merlot / Bordeaux Wine Glasses from Wine Enthusiast. Subtle ripples within the glass help your wine to reach its full taste potential faster. These aerating "waves" open up your wine at every phase, from pouring and swirling to sipping and savoring. They also create a reflective elegance unique to any presentation. Mouth-blown in Europe of lead-free crystal.



Now, go enjoy a nice glass of wine and plan a trip around Vinotherapy! I think our hearts and our skin could use the love. 


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