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by Amelia Old
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I am very excited about this week's Queen City Pretty. She is amazingly talented, a successful DJ/Rapper, Makeup Artist and Jewelry Designer….truly a Jill of all trades. I'm not just saying this because she's a dear friend of mine. I have watched her career blossom over the years and I couldn't be more excited for her accomplishments.
Originally from Washington, D.C. DJ Camille got her start in the music business by deejaying at local clubs and working with HOT 99.5 FM. She wrote and performed the theme song for the AL B D radio show. 
Not only was she sharing her music skills but she also worked as the the make up artist for NBC and ABC's WJLA television. 

After moving to Atlanta in 2003, she continued to be the life of the party DJing at places such as Opera, Sutra, Buckhead Bottle Bar, Beluga, Halo, The W, The Fox Theater, Coca- Cola, Atlanta Aquarium, The Glenn, and became the resident DJ for America's Mart Apparel Shows. DJ Camille has also been a guest DJ on Q100's Saturday Night Q. She recorded a song called "Let's Not Play the Game' which received spins on Q100 and 99.5 The Beat. 

Most recently, she completed her mixtape titled, "The Flossy Lady" which is a compilation of originals, remixes, and DJing. She has also continued to do make up for NBC TV as well as for The Weather Channel. 
Camille began designing jewelry less than a year ago but has sold many pieces, some of which you can see adorned by the meteorologists on The Weather Channel. Ecochicc, a store in Dallas, also carries her jewelry line which is appropriately named Ci Bijoux . The name is her first two initials, Camille Ilona, and bijoux means jewelry in French.
Jewelry Logo
Camille shares with us her inspirations, her beauty secrets and some of her most exciting moments within the Entertainment industry. Thank you Camille for taking time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview and for being this week's Queen City Pretty. I will always be a huge fan. <3


What inspired your interest in music?  Great artists growing up, including Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Neil Diamond, Ashford & Simpson to name a few.  I remember recording the radio onto tape, buying my first record, and dancing around my living room to some of my mom's albums.

I've known you for several years and have seen you accomplish a great deal. Since your career began, what moment can you say was that defining moment that you had succeeded in something you have worked hard for?  Thanks Amelia 😉 I've had a few defining moments in my career.  For music, one that I can highlight would be when I met Outkast and performed for them.  Andre 3000 and Big Boi both clapped and told me they were impressed by me. Killer Mike told me I'm a great rapper. 

For Make up, I've also had many amazing and surreal moments with some of the most powerful people in the world.  One that sticks out in my mind is when John McCain told me I'm the best make up artist in the world.  That was pretty cool.  (Editor's Note: She forgot to mention when Wolfgang Puck personally made us breakfast at 5am when she was doing makeup for a morning show. That's pretty defining, right Camille? haha) 

For Jewelry, the fact that my first sale was to Maria De La Rosa on The Weather Channel who wore them that day on her show.  I thought, this is getting started on the right foot!

Maria De La Rosa: The Weather Channel Maria De La Rosa wearing Ci Bijoux

What beauty regimen to you go through when preparing for a performance?  Well I am all about exfoliation,shaving, and moisturizing.  I've even made my own sugar scrubs, using sugar, olive oil, and cocoa powder.  I'm not a big fan of body hair, (on myself) so I shave my entire body, with the exception of my bikini which I get Brazilian wax.  (maybe tmi, sorry!)  I also like to use a little bit of self tanner, I like L'Oreal sublime glow.

What is your beauty product must have? For make up removal I use Almay moisture wipes.  They are gentle and get rid of all my mascara, which is a lot!  I've recently gotten into mineral make up, I use several kinds, the one I like most is called Pur Minerals.  It's a local company based in Atlanta, and is cruelty free which I love!  I have a lot of creams and lotions I use because depending on my mood of how dry my skin is I switch it up.  I would say the one thing I can't live with out is my WEN shampoo.  I have naturally curly hair, which is on the dryer side.  I find in all my years of trying different shampoos, this works amazingly!

If I were to peek in your makeup bag, what would I find? I always carry lip liner and lipstick.  I used to always use Mac "Stripdown" lip liner, until I discovered "Natural" which is a lip pencil sold at Sally's Beauty Supply.  It's very affordable and lasts longer.  The color works on almost any skin shade.  I always use a lash curler too, which I heat up with my hairdryer first, which make my lashes extra curly and keeps them that way.  


What spa/salon service can you not live without and where do you go to get this service done? My Brazilian wax, I go to Wax by Andrea.


Who is your beauty icon? That's a tough one because there are so many beautiful women that inspire me.  Madonna was the first, most recently I've really gotten into Jennifer Lopez's look.  She's always glowing, which I think is sexy.  She also plays with her make up a lot, and I love to switch up my style.  I think it's important for women to play around with different looks which helps us to see ourselves in different ways.  


What is your definition of Beauty? First, confidence is key!  Standing up straight is important, which sometimes I have to be reminded of.  At 5'9, doing make up and DJing, I find myself hunched over sometimes, and that's very unattractive.  A beautiful woman can diminish her beauty when she doesn't carry herself with confidence.  Beauty is also how you treat other people.  A gorgeous woman or man can quickly turn ugly if they are unkind.  So really beauty has much more to do with the inside than the outside.  I also think that taking care of yourself by respecting your body through eating right and exercise makes us beautiful too!


Any last words? I encourage people to check out my website camillemusic.com and subscribe to get updates on my shows and new music.  You can check out my jewelry here too, or check out http://www.etsy.com/people/CIBijoux

 I live my life by doing things that I am passionate about.  Every day is spent doing something that revolves around one of my interests, so I am never bored with my work.  Follow your bliss and do something you enjoy, and if at first it doesn't generate revenue, keep working! – DJ Camille


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