Queen City Pretty: “Pretty Annoyed”

by Amelia Old
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I thought this week with our Queen City Pretty, we’d do something fun. Why not choose someone who makes an interesting impact but no one knows her true identity? Known for sharing her true annoyances, a woman with the twitter handle @PrettyAnnoyed has quite the following. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and that’s why she’s this week’s Queen City Pretty.
Many people only know you by the name Pretty Annoyed on Twitter, associating your name with a picture of a screaming baby. (Which I love by the way)  What inspired you to become so involved within the community (and even further) without revealing who you are? Basically I am just like many women out there: I am a woman in the workforce, living in the suburbs, with a variety of responsibilities. 
Let’s face it– when you are a busy chick with several irons in the fire, it is easy to become a little annoyed at times.  Any busy woman who isn’t annoyed at least a couple times during the day is either a saint or on some pretty effective prescription medication.
I created a Twitter account because I figured it was the perfect place to anonymously vent about the small annoyances we all experience daily. I never expected that along the way I would make connections with people locally and around the world who inform, educate, and entertain me daily. There is a lot of nonsense and noise on Twitter but if you find the people who bring real value to the medium, it can be a great tool for more than just venting about how annoying one finds Mary Hart or about the frustrations of finding dog vomit on the rug.
You are known for not being afraid to reveal your true thoughts on a variety of topics and with over 2,000 followers on Twitter, there’s no doubt people are interested in what you have to say. I would assume this is a great way to truly share your opinions without causing potential harm to friends,family and your career. Do you think you’ll eventually share with the public your real identity or will you forever remain anonymous? Revealing my real identity would be the most anticlimactic moment imaginable. I’m just a normal person– ok, maybe not normal– I’m a *regular* person. That said, the anonymous nature of the account is part of the fun. People can draw their own conclusions as to what they think I look like, and I enjoy that. Some say they picture me as Lara Croft, others say I am a 58 year old grump who desperately needs hormone replacements. So yeah, as long as I’m on twitter I’ll keep it the same PG/PG-13 rated anonymous rant of the ridiculous. 
You know that I can’t interview you without asking what is your beauty product must have? I hate to admit it because it sounds super-lame, but I can’t go anywhere without lipstick. I prefer Clinique’s High Impact Lip Colour in Go Fig or Pure Posh. For me, it is the longest lasting, non-drying lipstick I have found.

If I were to peek in your cosmetic bag, what would I find? You’d find a lot of Smashbox products. The Halo Powder mineral makeup doesn’t have bismuth like many others. Bismuth in makeup makes my skin sensitive and by the end of the day I want to scratch my face off, which I think we can all agree is really attractive, right. Anyway, you’ll find Smashbox primers, Halo mineral makeup, Fusion Soft Lights which I use as blush, and jetset eyeliner. You’ll also find tweezers because I’m getting old and the last thing I need are out of control eyebrows that make me look like Andy Rooney in heels.

What spa/salon service can you not live without and where do you go to get this service done?  As previously stated, I’m getting old and I’m starting to get grey hair. SEXY! So, I am in the salon every 2 months for a touch up. I also get a 90 minute massage every 2-3 weeks because I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and I am pretty sure if I don’t get the massive knots worked out, my entire skull will eventually pop off my body. It’s an unfortunate side effect of being perpetually annoyed.  I go to a spa in the Lake Norman area– I’ll let you have fun trying to guess which one.

Who is your beauty icon? Is it a cop-out to say I don’t really have one? I guess I have always admired a more classic style, so if I had to choose I would lean more toward a Jackie O type of style. Simple, elegant, enduring style. 

What is your definition of True Beauty? This will sound strange coming from someone with the Twitter name “PrettyAnnoyed,” but true beauty blooms where there is kindness. You can have the world’s most symmetrical face and a butt off of which you could bounce a quarter, but an ugly heart makes the most beautiful woman into a hag.  Some mistakenly equate being “annoyed” with being unkind– that’s not the case at all…unless I’m making fun of Jon Gosselin on Twitter of course. But really, who can blame me there.

Any last words? I think I have annoyed your readers enough. 😉


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Daily_Pinch May 18, 2011 - 8:36 am

Love, love, love. As I sit here staring at the tweezers lying on my desk, I feel I’m channeling Pretty Annoyed 🙂

And yes, true beauty comes from kindness. Pretty Annoyed is the epitome of true beauty.

JerseyGrl61 May 19, 2011 - 8:34 am

SO agree: “but true beauty blooms where there is kindness. You can have the world’s most symmetrical face and a butt off of which you could bounce a quarter, but an ugly heart makes the most beautiful woman into a hag.”


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