Caviar Skin Care

by Amelia Old
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Diamonds, gold, platinum and even caviar are the latest in beauty trends. Women and men are willing to try anything to keep their skin looking silky and wrinkle-free. Every time you turn the cover of a magazine or turn on the television, you are being introduced to the latest and "best" anti-agining beauty product. Caviar skin care has become a favorite among many individuals despite its price tag. There's no price tag on the fountain of youth for some.

What Is Caviar?

What is caviar? Caviar is the roe of sturgeons. Still don't understand? In layman's terms, caviar is a mass of unfertilized fish eggs. This delicate luxury food dates back to 1100 B.C. and has quickly made itself known worldwide. The most prized caviar comes from the beluga, osetra and sevruga varieties of sturgeon. Caviar is definitely an acquired taste. You either hate it or love it.

History of Caviar Skin Care

Given its high price, caviar is normally associated with luxury and wealth. This delicate appetizer is no longer for just eating. Scientists have now determined this mass of eggs is fabulous for your skin, too. Cosmetic Chemist Vince Spinnato says scientists have researched, gathered data and written protocols for using caviar on the skin for many years. Fresh caviar eggs are rich in essential amino acids and peptides, which work wonders on mature skin. Caviar eggs are also good for the regeneration of cells for skin with acne. There are hundreds of products on the market advertising caviar skin care.

Popularity on the Rise

In an effort to keep that young look, many are willing to try about anything to keep skin soft, smooth and wrinkle-free. In 2009, Forbes magazine listed caviar skin care in an article about secret ingredients in various skin care products. This list also included algae, swiss apples and even diamonds. From celebrities to your everyday woman, the reviews have been extremely positive when it comes to using caviar on your skin. It's a pricey component to your skin regimen, but Shohreh Rafie, owner of Carmel Day Spa in Charlotte, N.C., says, "I love caviar skin care. It is truly the best and I always use these products in my spa."

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