Interview with Margot Grant:Beauty Director of Elizabeth Grant International

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Margot Grant grew up as a student of beauty and style. She really had no choice. Her grandmother is the founder and CEO of the luxury skincare company Elizabeth Grant International and her mother, Marion Witz is the President. The women work side by side making Elizabeth Grant Skin Care a widely successful beauty brand on the rise. Margot now holds the position of Beauty Director. I am truly impressed with this young business woman as she's someone I can relate to. From my previous and current business experience, I see myself in her 100%. I love individuals who are go-getters, know what they want and build something for themselves. She wasn't handed everything on a silver platter instead she was taught the skills to make a position and name for herself. "At 26, her instincts for the business have injected the brand with a new customer base and has resulted in a product that is often heralded a ‘beauty favorite’ by top editors around the world.  Margot has a strong understanding of the international marketplace and an innate understanding of the importance of brand image. Over the last several years, Margot has redesigned the company logo, created new product packaging, developed new and innovative products, and truly taken the brand forward making it well known to an even larger audience. Margot is currently expanding on a new range of products aimed at a slightly younger and ‘on-the-go’ clientele, called ‘The Socializer’.  The first product under Margot’s development and creative direction, an eye treatment duo, has already won a prestigious finalist award from the HBA International Package Design Awards. Margot brings the Elizabeth Grant Skin Care brand to the red carpet with style and class.  She spends time with celebrity clients and works hard to build and maintain those relationships.  As a result, the company now boasts an A-list following with fans such as J.Lo, Blake Lively, Rosario Dawson, and Petra Nemcova among others. Nevertheless, it’s not all business and networking for Margot.  She has a keen sense of the real world around her and a deep need to give back.  The charitable division at Elizabeth Grant ‘EG Cares’ is also run by Margot.  EG Cares provides education and gifts in-kind to non-profit and charitable organizations. Recently, Margot spent time in workshops for women living with cancer and gave them Elizabeth Grant’s Rejuvenating Serums with Torricelumn™.  Margot recognizes the importance of feeling good about oneself and positive thinking while going through treatment.  Currently, Margot also sits on the board, as the youngest member, of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association.  One of the Association's primary goals is to establish and maintain an optimum business environment that promotes Canadian industry's global competitiveness through smart regulation.  She brings in an important viewpoint to meetings with her expertise in social media and marketing. From the moment Margot took her first step, Elizabeth had her practicing in ‘training’ heels.  Now, Elizabeth has Margot by her side as they continue to build the luxury brand that is Elizabeth Grant Skin Care.  They may be generations apart, but together Elizabeth and Margot Grant make an unbeatable beauty duo. "

Despite her busy schedule, Margot took some time to share beauty AND business tips with us. This was one of the most inspiring interviews I've had in quite some time. Take the time to not only learn more about the Elizabeth Grant skincare line (I love the Diamond collection) but Margot offers SOME GREAT business tips!


Your  grandmother, Elizabeth Grant, is the founder and CEO of luxury skin care company Elizabeth Grant International. Do you know the inspiration behind her creation?  My grandmother’s inspiration was literally an accident. She was hurt during WWII, and was desperate to find a cure for her skin ailments so she could confidently go back to work as a makeup artist, finally producing her own skin products to fit the bill. It was when a famous film star asked her what she used and where she could buy it, that a light bulb went off. She's always said “life sometimes gives you lemons; it doesn't mean you can't make the best lemonade of your life from them.”

Aside from the core beauty regime, what other products from the Elizabeth Grant line would you recommend? I personally always recommend targeted beauty treatments and a lipstain. Targeted treatments include products such as Ultimate Cellular Concentrate, on-the-go treatments like our award winning eye padsour Camphor Hand and Foot Treatment or even The Socializer. The beauty of a targeted treatment is it takes your natural beauty and enhances it. The beauty of the on-the-go treatments is in the timing, from 2 minutes to 15 minutes your skin feels alive, eyes de-puffed, hands smoothed, achy feet from heels can be soothed and you are ready to face the world without having to worry about timing. The lipstain recommendation is because my mother always taught me, “if you look tired put on some lipstick”. 

If I were to peek in your personal cosmetic bag, what would I find?  The Socializer, my Hand and Foot Treatment, a few eye pads, the Biocollasis Complex Night SerumUltimate Cellular Concentrate and I cannot live without my Collagen Lip Restore.  It is the best lip conditioner I have ever used in my life!

What is your favorite spa treatment and where do you go to enjoy this luxury? Facials and massages. Because I travel so much I am usually in another country while getting them. It’s fun to see how different cultures interpret and execute these treatments. I am in Hong Kong as I type this and yesterday I had the best, most gentle facial of my life. It’s the best way to beat jetlag! A quick tip on the subject of facials: facials shouldn't pull your skin or hurt. Don't be afraid to tell your aesthetician to lighten up.

You became a business woman at such an early age which is something I personally can relate to. What advice can you give to other young women (and men) who have the desire and the drive to succeed but may not have the family support you have had? My advice? If you are young in the game you really need to know your stuff. I went to three schools and I did an undergrad, a masters and I also attended the school of life. I am still reading everything I can. Have a goal of what you want to achieve and be humble about your path to it. If you can find a mentor in your field and ask advice- do it. We can never know everything but the younger kids in the game act like we do…. worst mistake you can ever make. If you don't know something… don’t be afraid to ask! Prove your worth and not just the number of years you have been on this planet. It seems silly but in the business world I rarely reveal my age until I have gained the respect from my associates. And finally if you are really serious about your role and wanting to get ahead… you can’t be afraid to work for it. Go in early, stay late and go beyond your job description! That's how you gain respect from your fellow employees and your clients- by stepping it up just a bit. My mother has always taught me, ideas mean nothing unless put into action. And if you are blessed to have a family business background then WORK twice as hard because you have way more to prove then anyone else. You have to prove that you deserve to be there, not just handed the job.

You have been surrounded by some of the most beautiful people in Hollywood but I want to know how you define TRUE BEAUTY.  Kindness. If we were to be walked around with no sight we would have no idea about physical beauty and brands. It doesn't matter the rank of someone's status, if they are a mean person that's what someone remembers and walks away with. Having a happy heart, is what shines through any beauty treatment. Our outside ages, whether we like it or not, but it is the joie de vie that keeps us young.
Any last words? Take care of your skin from a young age and it will count ten years from now. I love my job, I really do, the creativity behind it is what gave me the inspiration to create The Socializer range (beauty on-the-go) but what really makes it fun, is I can give back to charities and people who for whatever reason at this time in their lives need it. Philanthropy is what sets business people apart from global CEO's. Never be afraid to go after your dreams. Never wonder the ‘what-ifs’. And don't be afraid to change the world, because you can.

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