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by Amelia Old
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Last week at the Green & Gorgeous Event in NYC, I was introduced to some FABULOUS , Eco-Friendly products. (It’s a hard job I have, I know) .  I must say, I usually don’t use lots of facial lotions and creams. However, I have found a new love in one particular facial lotion.  Kahina~Giving Beauty Facial Lotion is my new favorite must-have.  If you haven’t added any of my favorites to your own must-have list then do so right now!

 Here is some detailed information from their website

“Touted by the New York Times as “the latest miracle ingredient,” argan oil is at the heart of all our Kahina Giving Beauty products. It has high concentrations of nutrients that are the building blocks of healthy skin. Containing highly potent antioxidants, argan oil neutralizes free radicals (the second biggest cause of aging after sun exposure), reduces inflammation, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protects the skin from harsh environmental factors.  Light and non-greasy, argan oil absorbs easily to give skin a radiant glow without the use of any harmful ingredients.

The indigenous Berber women of Morocco have used argan oil in their beauty rituals for centuries to protect and rejuvenate their skin from the harsh desert conditions. Europeans have been taking advantage of the age-defying benefits of argan oil for some time.

All Kahina products are made with high concentrations of pure organic argan oil that is personally sourced by the Kahina founder and combined with other complimentary natural and organic ingredients for a truly effective skin care regimen. We offer 100% Organic Kahina Argan Oil extracted by hand, cold pressed by Berber women in several cooperatives near Agadir, Morocco.”

I felt a difference the first time this lotion touched my face. My skin felt so refreshed and silky smooth. Not only that, I actually saw a difference in the color of my face. I was comfortable going to the store without makeup which is normally a NO-NO for me. 

Still not convinced???

Not only is it natural and free of harmful ingredients….but 25% of sales of this product are set aside for the Berber women in Morocco who harvest and produce the organic argan oil.  You can purchase this particular product for $58 on their website . They have many other items in the line to choose from. I have yet to try those but I assure you, I will!

When you purchase this product….or any other product for that matter….I encourage you to stop and think about the hands that touch the oils….the fingers that trace the bottles….who are they….what is their daily life like?  The Berber Women work hard to share one of their beauty secrets with us.  For that I am extremely grateful.

 If only more people followed in the footsteps of founder, Katharine Philips L’Heureux, I truly believe she “gets” the big picture. This big world….really isn’t so big…..I truly believe everything is connected. We have the power to positively affect another life every single day. Sometimes we don’t even know the impact we are leaving. Sometimes it affects lives half-way across the world.

Food for thought.


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