Wednesday Feature:Mike Watson

by Amelia Old
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A few months ago, I attended the opening of the new building for Dress for Success. I met one of the funniest people I think exists in Charlotte, Mike Watson. Not only does he belong on Last Comic Standing (I love that show!) but he is a staple in the Art and Fashion world of the Queen City. Mike is a Fashion Marketing & Management Instructor at the Art Institute of Charlotte. He’s a Husband,  a Father,  a Fine Artist/Painter, and believes in asking the question WHY.

Read further to learn more about this creative individual that I am honored to be acquainted with and this week’s Feature!

You live and breathe the fashion industry,what is your closet must have?A great fitting pair of denim (my favorite is Nudie Organic Denim) –it allows me to work all day and transition into a variety of social situations for the evening

If I were to peek in YOUR closet what would I find? About 35 pair of NIKE SB tennis shoes, fitted T’s and a few carefully selected, vintage inspired jackets and sweaters

You are constantly teaching others about the world of fashion and you are extremely involved with your students, your art, as well as various events, how do you pamper yourself after a long week?Working in my studio, Doing Hot Yoga, just relaxing with my wife, and the occasional Avant Garde roll at Dolce Vita or some Saki at Twenty Two

In this day and age, men attend spas/salons regularly. What spa/salon service can you not live without? I love, no crave deep tissue massages

Who is your fashion icon? Issey Miyake for conceptual, creative solutions and the Bauhaus school of
design, for their approach to learning about all things in relation to design

What is your definition of Beauty? It must have imperfections

Any last words? Being open to the ‘other’ is both scary and invigorating, but is a must if you are to grow and develop intellectually and spiritually. With that being said I believe in and am involved in TEDX Charlotte, additionally feel free to check out my art at

Be sure to check out Mike’s work and TEDX Charlotte which I feel is going to be a great success in our city. Thank you Mike for being my feature this week.  I don’t know how you do it all but I do know you are a great asset to this community.

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