Creating Jobs with Goodwill

by Amelia Old
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It’s that time of year again where I look at my closet overflowing with clothes that I will probably never wear again. I go thru ups and downs with my letting go of these items. You know the drill “I’ll save this shirt….I may decide to wear it again.” and “if I lose 5 more lbs I can fit into that dress again”. Let’s be realistic….you aren’t going to wear it. Give it up. There’s currently an area in my garage specifically for Goodwill® where about 5-6 bags and a couple of boxes of clothes wait to be donated. This doesn’t even include my upcoming spring cleaning session which will include the entire family’s closets.


Why do I choose Goodwill®? Well, because sales from donations help our communities. In 2013, over 261,000 people were able to earn jobs from the programs and other services that result from the donations of clothes and other household items. Goodwill provides a donation impact calculator which helps determine how you are making a difference.

It’s simple for you to be involved. Clear out the clutter in your home! Whether it be clothes with tags, gentle used clothing, or even household items…Goodwill® will happily accept it. Not only will you be happy with a clutter-free home but you can have the peace of mind that you are helping provide access to career and financial support to those who need it within your community. It’s a win win! Donate Stuff to Create Jobs.

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