Help Me Support Students Traveling the World with FLYTE

by Amelia Old
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As many of you know I love to travel. Nothing changes the way you view your own life experiences than being able to witness how other people live. Travel is transformative! It can create a more appreciative outlook, it can be the catalyst to change, and it can instill wonder and empathy for other cultures and communities.

I recently decided to join the FLYTE Champions team with Carol from Wayfaring Views and a team of other bloggers who are fundraising to support an organization called the Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education.

FLYTE empowers students living in underserved communities through transformative travel experiences. The students get to see the real world applications of what they are learning in school, travel out of the country (and usually out of the state) for the very first time, and realize there is a whole world out there worth exploring!

Being able to see the world and travel has been so important to me, which is why I’ve decided to fundraise on behalf of FLYTE. From now until May 26th we are fundraising to send another school abroad. 

The school FLYTE has chosen this year is located in a small community in Victor, Montana. Victor School, which serves about 300 students in grades K-12 and many families in this town face economic hardships. Lindsey Egelston, the teacher leading this journey, works magic to make lessons come alive in her Spanish classes. She even dressed up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween! However, most of her students have never gotten to experience the actual sights, sounds, and smells of another country for themselves, until now.

Every donation collected between now and May 26th will help FLYTE continue their transformative work with the future generation and to send this wonderful group of students to Guatemala this summer!! I’m inviting you to support this important cause.

My fundraising goal is $500. You can click here to visit my page and donate quickly and securely. Your gift will go directly to fund the students’ trip abroad. Here’s how your gift can make a difference:

  • $25 can provide all pre-trip materials for one student
  • $50 can buy a student a day-tour in the country they are visiting
  • $120 can pay for a students’ passport application and fees (that they can use for years to come!)
  • $250 can buy all of the meals for one student the whole trip
  • $500 can cover all the accommodations for two students
  • $2,500 can sponsor a whole trip for a student

Thank you in advance for your generous donation and support for a cause that I care so deeply about! 

PS – For more information about FLYTE or to find out how you get involved, visit their website!

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1 comment

Carmela May 17, 2018 - 3:01 pm

Love this! Thanks so much for spreading the word about our mission. Our FLYTE Community continues to grow and empower youth to travel. Thanks so much for being a part of this effort.


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