Celebrating 5 Years…

by Amelia Old
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Photo by Magen Marie Photography

Yesterday marked 5 years since Pretty in the Queen City was born. Yesterday marked 5 years since I decided I’d write about “all things pretty in the Queen City”.  And my how things have changed in those 5 years. When I began this site, I honestly was doing it because I wanted a creative outlet. I didn’t really think I’d gain readers or interest from brands. I thought it would just be my outlet. I was wrong. This site has given me incredible opportunities over the years. From having a guest expert role on a local news station to partnering with a cosmetics brand to launch a limited edition “Pretty in the Queen City” lipstick to attending a Town Hall meeting with the President of the United States. The things I’ve been able to do is pretty amazing. How many can say that they get paid to do what they love?

I’ve been able to create a name for myself. A brand for myself. It’s not all been peaches and cream. There have been months where I had no ideas….. no clues as to what I wanted to write about. No clue as to what direction I saw all of this going. And just when I thought maybe it should be the end of an era-my creative juices began flowing again. That happens with all writers I believe. There have been nights where I couldn’t fill up my idea book fast enough and there have been nights where I asked myself “what is the point in all this?!”

Pretty in the Queen City started out as a beauty and fashion site. I spoke mainly of makeup, skincare, clothing, etc. As I have changed over time, so has this site. Since beginning this site, I have gotten married and gained two more children. Teenagers at that! I find myself now wanting to write about parenting-especially teenagers-, finding a balance between raising three children and working, marriage, brands that I love for my lifestyle, my home, my family…basically I find myself wanting to write more about life.

I find myself wanting to see more of the world…..I find myself wanting to share more of my photography-sports and travel…..you see I have no desire to be a beauty/fashion site anymore. Oh sure, I still want to review the latest products on the market but I don’t want to be necessarily known for just that. There are tons of beauty sites out there and I feel I have much more to offer my readers than just the best makeup on the market.

As my life changes…I feel this site should evolve with me.

I am also trying to step out into the unknown more. Do you know…in 5 years…I have never attended a media conference of any type?  Sounds crazy I know. But, that’s all about to change. At the end of the year I will attend Type-A in Atlanta, I’ve applied for Social Media on the Sand in Turks and Caicos and next summer I will attend TBEX in SWEDEN!

I am really looking forward to traveling and meeting like minded individuals and connecting with brands all over the world. I am looking forward to documenting my travels and sharing more brands with you. I look forward to documenting ups and downs of being a mom, a step mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur.

I do not know what the next 5 years will bring but I do hope you continue to follow me on this journey.




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