Disney Poster-A-Page Princess Books (Review)

by Amelia Old
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Just like many other 4 year old little girls, my daughter Harlow loves all of the Disney Princesses. One day she’s Rapunzel and then another day she’s Elsa. So, you can imagine her excitement when we received the Disney Poster-A-Page Books. This series is designed for children ages 6 and up however I think it’s just as appropriate for my little. She can’t read all the words yet but she definitely loves decorating her room with posters and anything related to princesses.

The Disney Poster-A-Page Book Series includes over 100 glossy and full – color illustrations of a variety of Disney stories. Each book comes with 9 super size posters which Harlow loved-choosing which posters she wanted to hang in her room.




While Harlow was excited about the posters, I enjoyed the encouraging words found within the pages such as ‘Princesses are faithful and bright’, ‘Make Your own Traditions’, ‘Kindness Rules’ and even ‘Don’t be Crabby’!  Harlow went thru each page and talked about which friend and which sibling would get the posters. She wanted to share them all which was adorable.

After sharing with her friends, I am pretty certain her walls are going to be covered with these posters. I am ok with that. Better Disney Princesses than boy bands!


The Disney Poster-A-Page Princess Books retail for  $12.95

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