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by Amelia Old
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We are 18 days away from the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Not that I’ve been counting or anything. Ok, maybe I have been….just a little….        My schedule this summer has been absolutely insane and I realize that when school starts back……I may get my daily schedule back but evenings are about to be nonstop. My son has soccer practice 4/5 days per week. That doesn’t include games or the activities my daughter’s have……or homework….or parent/teacher meetings…or normal errands and daily housework….OH and my own job…..you get the point. I am about to gain my days back to focus on my work but lose my evenings. This means I need QUICK and EASY meals to feed my family of five.

Check out Quick Family Meals

by Amelia Old at Foodie.com

That’s where Foodie.com fits in. If I come across a recipe online, I can basically ‘bookmark’ it on Foodie.com for future reference. Check out my growing collection above of quick family meals. I’ll continue to add to it as time goes on and as I share my own personal family recipes. One of the biggest hits I’ve ever shared online was my Tater Tot Casserole. It really still makes me laugh because it is SO simple yet it has been shared more than any of my other recipes online.  But hey! Moms like SIMPLE and moms like HAPPY children. Tater Tot Casserole does that for you. Interested in the recipe or other quick family recipes? Check it out in my collection above!



I am excited for school to start. I get a sense of normalcy for my ‘work days’ and while I may be going crazy in the evenings….at least I can go back to my children’s favorite challenge for me. ‘How many NEW meals can you make this week?”  They find that fun….trying new things out. So, I better collect my recipes NOW.  What’s your favorite QUICK family recipe?

What’s Foodie.com? It’s the perfect place to discover, organize and SHARE your favorite recipes. You can even share your favorite restaurants. What I really love about this site is organization. By creating collections based on your search-it’s so easy to go back to the desired recipe when you are ready. 

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