Pro Naturals Hair Repair System (Review)

by Amelia Old
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It’s no secret when you see me….I have alot of hair on my head. It flows all the way down to the middle of my back. It’s thick and wavy which means many days it can be out of control-FRIZZY.  I was recently introduced to Pro Naturals Hair Repair System and was amazed at the results. I’ve written about other products in the past that I found helpful with this head full of hair but with Pro Naturals I actually saw immediate results.


I tend to use my straightener quite often to help smooth out my hair. What I noticed with Pro Naturals is upon drying my hair with a blow dryer….I didn’t need a straightener. The product smoothed down my flyaways. I will say that when letting my hair ‘air-dry’ a straightener was helpful. This isn’t the products fault. My hair tends to be a bit wavy if I let the air do the drying job.


The 4 Step Hair Repair System includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Argan Oil.  The instructions are to use the system one week out of every six weeks. Personally, I used the shampoo/conditioner every day and used the other two products less frequently. I used the system for about a month and am happy with the results. My hair is smooth with a healthy shine.



The system retails for $159.99 which may seem high but honestly I believe it’s justifiable. It’s not just for ‘cleaning’’s a REPAIR system.

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Compensation was not received for this review. Opinions are solely those of the author based on product provided by Pro Naturals

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