Kristin Perry Accessories (Review)

by Amelia Old
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Recently I was introduced to Kristin Perry, an innovative accessory brand providing gorgeous pieces such as headbands, earcuffs, hand pieces, turbans, handbags, eye wear among many others. Really no stone is left unturned in the world of accessories with this brand. What I really love is how unique each piece is. It’s not your normal pair of silver hoops and pearl earrings. Know what I mean?

I received an earcuff recently from the Kristin Perry line. Before I unveil the goodies…..let me start off by saying how I LOVE the idea of including a social media account on the outside of the box. Hey,,,,BRANDS,,,,are you listening??? What’s the first thing I did when I saw this? I immediately followed them on Instagram!


Since becoming a mom, I have toned it down in regards to how I dress. Something I’m slowly starting to regret.  I mean….just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I have to be boring. Right? So, there is no reason someone like me (or you) can’t wear something as cool as this. It’s not just for teens! Although, my 14 year old was quite impressed.

This crystal cluster wire ear cuff retails for $14 which is another PLUS in my book. It’s not only stylish but affordable!


While in the recent past, I may not have worn this….I think I am opening up my mind again to the beauty and world of fashion. Oh how I’ve missed her.


I think my next purchase from Kristin Perry will be headwear. A chain headpiece maybe? Or a Fascinator ?(hey….my husband is English so you know I’m obsessed with this look!)


Check out the Kristin Perry site and let me know what unique piece you have your eye on!


Compensation was not received for this review. Review is based on author’s opinion of product provided by Kristin Perry.

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