Beauty Tips Using Your Favorite Morning Beverage-Coffee!

by Amelia Old
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I love coffee. I mean I REALLY love coffee. The taste, the boost it gives me and of course the SMELL. How can you not love the aroma of an amazing pot of coffee in the morning? If you are like me, you like that smell ANY time of the day.

But did you know there are more benefits to coffee than just giving you a good boost through the day? Apparently, coffee is another item to add to your beauty regime.


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Coffee is full of antioxidants so according to some reports, coffee can fight off signs of aging.  Do I think this will turn back the clock several years?  Of course not . But hey, most of us will try anything to rid of puffy eyes, age spots and fine lines.  I have this one line in the middle of my forehead that I’d love to get rid of. My son says it’s because I’m constantly furrowing my brow at him. Ha!


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Did you know that coffee scrubs can help with cellulite?!  Studies have shown that caffeine helps reduce cellulite. Bring on the coffee to your booty cheeks.  I’ll try everything once! This is easy to try at home by simply adding coffee grounds to your body scrub. You can also create your own do-it-yourself exfoliating coffee scrub.  


I recently read that coffee grounds are great for hair. Seriously!  According to Organic Authority, by applying grounds to wet hair before shampooing it will help remove buildup….leaving hair silky smooth. It does leave the disclaimer that if you have light or bleached hair that this may darken your tresses. I’ve never tried this but am definitely tempted. I wonder if I’ll walk around smelling like a freshly ground cup of coffee all day.

While I haven’t rubbed coffee grounds on my face, my body or thru my hair…..I think it’s worth a shot. We’d love to know how you have found coffee to be beneficial to your own beauty routine. Do you have a favorite coffee beauty tip? Please share!

 My dear friend Katja recently launched a new online lifestyle magazine where I shared my coffee beauty tips. Make sure you check it out

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1 comment

Katie January 31, 2014 - 3:30 pm

I have a client who swears by massaging coffee grounds onto her bum, thighs and hips in the shower. She has the best rear end I’ve ever seen!


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