Brides Against Breast Cancer

by Amelia Old
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When it came to shopping for my bridal gown, I was pretty certain of two things. 1. I wanted something simple 2. I wanted two gowns. One for my ceremony on April 5th and one for my ceremony in December.

Well, we don’t always get what we want……sometimes we get MORE.

I had a terrible experience at the first store I visited. With 2 weeks until my wedding, I was starting to panick. I had dresses for my daughters, my husband to be had a tux and our son had a suit. When a friend told me about the Brides Against Breast Cancer Event, my eyes lit up.  I HAD to find a dress as I was running out of time.

What is the Brides Against Breast Cancer Event? 

From the BABC Website:

“more than 70 yearly shows provide brides-to-be with an opportunity to find their dream gown (at an incredible savings), while contributing to services that providing support, education and hope to men and women affected by breast cancer.The worldwide support of designers, manufacturers, bridal shops and individuals (who donate a most treasured possession) make possible our Nationwide Tour of Gowns sales. The proceeds from these events contribute to programs for cancer patients and their families.“Brides Against Breast Cancer™ – Nationwide Tour of Gowns”This unique opportunity allows brides-to-be a chance to find the gown of their dreams at a remarkable price. Most gown prices range from $99 to $799*, including hundreds of beautiful new name brand and designer gowns valued up to $8,000. Exclusive designer and couture gowns valued up to $20,000 are also available at an incredible 25% to 75% savings!”

My daughter, my best friend and I decided to attend the VIP event in Charlotte. This would give us an opportunity to get a glimpse of the gowns before the bigger crowds the following day. The volunteers and staff at the BABC event couldn’t help but giggle at me when I told them I didn’t want any wine or food until I found a dress. I was on a mission. I had about 3 women along with my best friend and daughter who began pulling dresses for me to try on. By the time I put on my 4th dress, I was starting to get a little frustrated. I know…I know…4 dresses isn’t alot…..but I had 2 WEEKS before the big day!

 My best friend handed me yet another dress….I reluctantly put it on… was a bit more than I originally thought of for my first ceremony. It did have a train and was far from “simple”.  As soon as I realized I could alter the dress to fit what I desired, I KNEW it was THE one. The ladies rang a bell, clapped, cheered and led me to the DJ booth where I could be introduced. I was the first bride to find my dress that night!

Here I am the night of the BABC Event in my dress.


What makes this even better? I purchased this dress at a major discount. More than 50% off! And….it’s for charity!

Check out my husband and I on our wedding day. Yes, that IS my BABC dress.


Photo by Greyson Steele Photography

I am looking forward to planning my BIG December wedding!

I’d love to hear your experiences with finding THE dress of your dreams.

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