Sea Island Resort (Travel Review)

by Amelia Old
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In January, the Mr. and I were able to go away for a 5 day trip WITHOUT our kids. Thanks to the grandparents who flew in from England to care for our littles.


Our destination? Sea Island Resort, a luxury 5 star resort in Georgia.  I’ve traveled to alot of places within the U.S. and let me just put it this way……whoever trains the staff at this resort should travel the country doing training seminars. Whenever we needed something, it was taken care of immediately. No questions asked. Aside from the immaculate decor, this was the first thing I noticed and was attracted to.


Sea Island does not lack any activity which includes golf, shooting school, tennis, squash, water activities among many other things.


The first day I was there, I spent hours on my balcony. With my feet up, champagne in hand, the news on the iPad and a nice breeze going….I seriously kept waiting to hear MOMMY…..but nothing but silence.


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On day 2, while the Mr. was playing golf, I paid a visit to their spa. This 65,000 square foot spa is absolutely breath taking. I’d say it was the most beautiful spa I have ever visited.  I spent time in the sauna and enjoyed a refreshing facial. Once again, the staff were so welcoming. I was even invited to come back later in the day if I wanted to enjoy several of the amenities.


Photo by Rick Hovis Photography

Day 3? GOLF. I have just recently begun playing golf . After several months of lessons, I was finally ready for my first round at Sea Island. I think my instructor was a bit jealous when I messaged him and told him where I was playing. Sea Island Golf Resort is rated #4 out of the 75 best golf resorts and is home to the PGA McGladrey Classic.  I had a par on my first hole, not bad for the first time playing a real round of golf. I even beat the Mr. that day and I will never ever let him live that down.


The rest of the trip was spent taking breath taking walks on the beach, fine dining at the resort and just enjoying each other’s company without hearing MOMMY and DADDY every few minutes.

Check out some of the photos I took during the trip










Sea Island also provides lots of activites for children however we will save this destination for ourselves. What was your experience at this beautiful resort?

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Andi of My Beautiful Adventures March 30, 2013 - 5:54 pm

Looks and sounds soooo lovely!


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