The Balance Your Life Road Tour

by Amelia Old
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The Balancing Act , a Lifetime TV women’s television show, has been on tour recently. The Balancing Act recently teamed up with The Southern Women’s Show to bring the popular morning show to life.

This past Sunday, I was able to get a first hand experience with the Balance Your Life Tour and their awesome partners. There is no way you can be a Southern woman and NOT know what the Southern Women’s Show is. I don’t remember a year when I haven’t attended this yearly event. No matter what city I’ve lived in (within the South) , it seems like a show is just a drive away. There are always neat things to check out…….makeup, clothes, household items, etc etc etc.

I was pretty excited when the Balancing Act team reached out about local bloggers attending the show and meeting with their road tour partners. With partners that included the National PTA, Big Fish Games, Demand Cures Today, MiToe and Envirosax…..there was definitely something for everyone in the BART pavillion. The tour director, Claudia, was AMAZING at showing us around, introducing us to the partners and truly making us feel comfortable.  She even got in on a little action on the BART stage with the EZ Jumper


After meeting Teresa Giudice (thanks to BART), we spent some time meeting with all of the BART Partners. While they were all special in their own way,  my favorites definitely included Altrient™ . I have been taking these vitamins every single day this week. When the founder shared with me that one small package of the Altrient™ C equaled the amount of Vitamin C in 240 glasses of orange juice…..I just stared at her in shock. I think I asked her 3 times to repeat herself . So far I love this product. I’m going to continue using it for another month and let you know the end results!!! It’s getting cold outside…..hopefully this will help keep the sickness away!

Altrient™ C is a new, high-performance vitamin C formula from Altrient, Inc. that combines high potency with high technology to deliver more usable vitamin C all throughout your body. Get the buzz on Altrient’s Liposome Encapsulated Delivery system and find out why Altrient™ C will change the way you think about vitamin C forever.

 Altrient™ ME™ If you want to replace your daily can of sugar-coated caffeine with a high-performance, high-tech, all-natural energy booster, check out Altrient™ ME™ from Altrient, Inc. The B vitamins, essential trace minerals and cinnamon extract in Altrient™ ME™ increase your body’s fuel efficiency, release more energy and reduce the toxic by-products that contribute to the aging process.

(I’m on the left next to the founder of Altrient™. Also pictured:Local Bloggers)

I am also pretty excited about Cardraising. I had never heard of this service and think it’s awesome!

Cardraising is an online personalized greeting card company that gives 30% of all the proceeds back to schools and charities. 

Everyone knows that I am a HUGE supporter of The Sandbox. I think Cardraising would be a great way to raise more funds for the Sandbox so that we can assist even more families!

I really enjoyed this ladies’ day out and look forward to sharing more exciting things from The Balancing Act with you!

Did you attend the Southern Women’s Show? If so, what was your favorite part of the day?



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