Harry and David and Pumpkin Cake Pops

by Amelia Old
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I love flowers, gift baskets and other fun show up at your door gifts. I tell my girls that it's perfectly ok to love flowers and it's ok to buy yourself flowers. Harry and David is one of those companies that has tons to choose from for that special occasion…….not just flowers………gift baskets, pies, fruit and even CAKE POPS. That's right …..good bye cup cakes…..cake pops is the new craze. Trust me….I should know….every time I step in Starbucks….my 2 year old says "I want a pop.I want a pop." I like them too. It's like you can have a couple of bites of your fav cake without eating an entire slice.

So, of course you know I was so excited when Harry & David sent me cake pops….but not just ANY cake pops…..RED VELVET CAKE (my favorite) shaped like pumpkins.

I carefully removed the adorable pumpkin cake pops from the package and made a bouquet out of them. What a great gift for fall…..maybe for your favorite teacher? A crush? Or maybe your hubby wants a sweet treat at work…..he'll appreciate these more than roses.

Despite the cake pops being sent to ME, I have not been able to keep everyone's hands out of them. I've had 1 out of the 12 sent yesterday. Do you know how many are left? 5.  OBVIOUSLY they are doing something right!!!!

Interested in sending these to a loved one? A batch of 6 are $34.95 Have you used Harry and David? What are your thoughts?

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