T.M. Lewin: Journey Out of the Polo (Review)

by Amelia Old
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How many people do you know that are stylish…… What makes you think of them as someone with style? Is it how or what they dress in, could it be the way they walk or enter a room? It is not always  money that creates it, we all have been horrified at some point when we see how some people have inflicted on the world their excessive style visuals, which is only exceeded by their over and poorly used amount of dollars….. But again style is your own, just a shame we have to witness it sometimes….. Bless their hearts….

For  me style can be created by many things, what stands out for me is uniqueness and how a person may have the desire or passion to seek out something different and try it.

Being English and coming from a small town, I think style started to develop for me as I began traveling and seeing new places, countries and cultures. When I look back at my style experiments during my 20’s, I shudder…. But without them I would not be here today…..

As we age, I think people feel they need to dampen their style and start to comply with the norm…. But I disagree…. with a little searching and normal spending power, I think you can continue to strengthen or experiment with your style.

You have to decide what you want to display and then reach for the stars (or the world wide web literally)…. Let’s all be realistic…. we are not male models and have the legendary six packs (maybe we have matured and now drink wine) or  be 6 foot plus and walk like John Wayne!!…. But we do have a choice and there are other options beyond the polo shirt, khakis or dockers…. Within roughly the same budget!! The key is to search it out and try something new.

At this point you may see me as a English person who is full of it, talking a good game with no real substance…. True it is I can talk a lot (with a funny accent) but I can give you guidance…. And offer you help to start your “journey out of the polo”…. Which maybe a temporary vacation into a trial style or maybe a full blown hiatus to something new…

Here is my first tip for you to try…. Pull out the iPad, iPhone or laptop…. Whatever your choice for connecting to the “www”…. Look up www.tmlewin.com ….. This English company can offer you multiple options in collared shirts (and other style platforms)…. notice how I avoid the term dress shirts…. Do not limit yourself to think these are for fancy occasions  or work days…..they can equally comply with your favorite blue jeans and normal foot coverings (not really open toe sandals….. But hey it’s your style).


These guys offer affordable good quality, unique shirts with accessories…..their double cuff options (or French cuff for the true American) provides a perfect platform for more style placement with the use of cuff links or simply “….rolling up your sleeves” for that casual but I mean business look!!!

I am an avid Lewin fan and have been bringing these to my American closet for many years. The wide choice of colors, plain or patterned, collar types , give you many ways to find your style. The amount of choice is vast and for a culture where it can take 5 minutes to go through all salad dressing options at an eatery alone, we should all be comfortable with it.


And I promise their sizing is consistent. Once you lock into the collar/ sleeve length you can feel comfortable, you will hit it every time you enjoy the experience of bringing a new shirt into your American closet family.

There is much more I can say about these style platforms, from how well they survive the repeated dry cleaning process to the affordable & comparable prices. The customer service is impeccable online and even better if you get the chance to travel to the Englishland and visit their uniquely placed stores. Let’s not forget the compliments you’ll receive from your significant other when you all of sudden begin showing off your new “style”.

As I sit here doodling  these words on the “pad” on a flight, I am wearing one of my many loyal T.W. Lewin double cuff shirts with a 16.5″ collar, 35″ sleeves and “Windsor collar”… I feel comfortable, un-wrinkled and contented with my style for today!…. Although this does not help with the uncomfortable chair in First Class!!!

Bottom line…. you need to see this for yourself when you start your journey out of the polo….

Either that or you may just think I am truly an Englishman who is full of it….. Which by the way is “my style”….

~Englishman in the Queen City

About T.M. Lewin:

T.M.Lewin was established in 1898 in Jermyn Street, London. Thomas Mayes Lewin was obsessive about quality and value, and worked hard to establish T.M.Lewins reputation as a first class shirt tailor. Innovation was important to Mr Lewin, and nearly 100 years ago, he became one of the first to make the ‘coat-shirt’, the groundbreaking idea of a shirt with buttons down the front.

Today, T.M.Lewin offers a range of menswear that includes mens shirts, suits, ties, cufflinks, casualwear, outerwear and accessories, as well as a distinctive range of womenswear, including shirts, suits, knitwear and accessories. For something with a creative twist, we also offer our John Francomb range – a modern take on the business wardrobe. With over 60 stores currently in the UK and plans to open more, whether you shop in store, online, through our catalogue or via our phones, we look forward to bringing you the very best in quality mens and womens businesswear.

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