Young&ng Draws Inspiration from the Complexity of the Human Body

by Amelia Old
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Make a Style Statement Without Breaking a Sweat
The perfect summer accessories from Young&ng
Thankfully the unbearable heat wave, with temperatures rising into the triple
digits in some areas, has passed. However, with the temperatures still soaring,
it’s still hard to function, let alone to function fashionably. But just because it’s
the summer doesn’t mean we can let our style standards slip. In this weather,
when all we want is to wear as little as possible, it’s that little bit harder to make
a style statement (well, a classy style statement). That’s why clever accessorizing
is key. The right accessories will instantly dress up even the simplest of summer
outfits and won’t weigh you down or warm you up. For those who still want to
look  good in this heat we’ve got some tips on how to make a statement without
breaking a sweat:

Twist it up and cool down
It’s impossible to wear your hair down in this heat without it being stuck to your
neck (at times like this a pixie crop is so tempting!) Cool down instantly by
twisting your locks into a messy twist, a ballerina bun or a chic up-do and top
it off with one of Young&ng’s striking headpieces.  

This Gunmetal Headband with Studs ($645) is a piece which can be worn
either as a traditional hairband or, for a bolder look, as a crown. Its ethereal feel
looks great with summer sheers and chiffons while the studs and gunmetal finish
give it a hard edge look without being too heavy for summer looks.
KARA_ YN Crown_Full
I love this head piece. So rock n roll yet very chic! 

Kara- YN Crown

Cool Off With a Cut-Out Cuff

Another piece that belongs in my collection is Young&ng’s Gunmetal
Shattered Glass Cuff ($480) it's strong and edgy but, thanks to its striking
cut-out design,is perfectly ventilated (probably not Young&ng designer Michelle
Ng’s main priority when designing the piece but convenient none the less!)
Also available in Antique Gold.
  YN FW 11 Bodies Event
Adorn Your Head (Without the Heat)
Young&ng’s Antique Gold Comb ($330) is a classic piece. It can be worn in a
variety of ways and looks great tucked into a messy twist or used to elegantly keep
long hair away from your face. Also available in Gunmetal.
Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Draws Inspiration from the Beauty
& Complexity of Human Body

February 2011 – (New York, NY) In an endless quest to find beauty in the most
unexpected places, artist, designer and creative director of Young&ng
(, Michelle Ng, yet again transforms the elementary
into the exquisite with the introduction of the line’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection
of couture headpieces and cuffs. The raw beauty, intricacy and complexity of the
human body serve as the primary inspiration for the present collection.
Intertwined cell systems, muscle and skeletal groups provide the basis for the
structural design of each of the newly added pieces. Details such as ruby
Swarovski crystals and intricate metal work act as subtle reminders of blood
cells and bones, distinctively conveying an admiration of the perfection contained
within the human form, thereby culminating in a powerful homage to the human
body in an edgy, one of a kind jewelry collection.
The distinctive look of the pieces in the collection makes them instantly striking.
With many of the pieces, the sharp structure speaks for itself, whilst with others,
strong materials such as gunmetal and antique gold are juxtaposed with delicate
studs and crystals invoking delicacy and determination in perfect tandem.
In addition to the materials used, Ng brings an element of surprise to the shapes
used in each piece. Adding to her signature powerful crowns and cuffs, the
designer adds a touch of timeless heritage to the collection, adding several
“Yarmulke” – shaped headpieces to the mix, thereby changing the way we look at
the centuries-old tradition of headwear. Though strong and edgy, the pieces also
possess a timeless beauty, in keeping with the designer’s aspiration to move away
from a focus on trends to create pieces that can be passed on for generations to
come. These are strong statement pieces that will empower their wearer and
work as a piece of art to be treasured and enjoyed.                                                                                                                        
Young&ng is the haute couture jewelry line born from designer Michelle Ng’s
desire to rethink the way we look at accessories and to redefine the fine line
between art and fashion.

Michelle received her formal art training at New Zealand’s Elam,
University of Auckland where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in
Fine Arts.

The Fall/Winter 2011 Collection is Young&ng’s second collection.
The jewelry ranges in price from $330-$1,675 USD and can be found
at the Young&ng online boutique,

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