Interview with Jon Wilson: Men, Skincare and Ear Hair?

by Amelia Old
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For quite some time, I've been trying to get Jon Wilson, from Wilson's World on Fox News Rising, to do an interview with me. Not only can you catch him on FNR every morning but he's also on the mic for the Charlotte Checkers Hockey Team, WFNZ Sports Radio, WBT News/Talk Radio and has previously worked for WRFX 99.7 and 106.5 The End.


Wilson is what I call a "manly man" (which I think he takes as a compliment). He's a tshirt and jeans kinda guy. He's a sports guy  (A HUGE Nascar fan) . He's NOT the type that I would assume has some long beauty ritual every morning.

I couldn't help but wonder….what do guys do other than shower and throw on deodorant. Do they really have a ritual and don't want to share it from fear of having their man card taken away? Do they worry about aging, aching muscles, hair in random places, gaining weight…..etc? I wanted to know from Wilson. 

Why didn't I just ask my own guy friends? Well….who better to tell me than him? Wilson uses humor on a daily basis. It's part of his personality and I consider that part of a person's overall well being. He's good to himself BECAUSE he allows himself to be JUST himself rather than worrying about X, Y, Z. (Now…..I can see him shaking his head and telling me to "lay off the butterfly tweets" because apparently I can get a little TOO inspirational at times) Anyway…..yes he has the "beauty on the inside" going on…..the humor…being involved with local charities……but what about his image on the outside. He's in the public eye DAILY. Does this make him concerned about his outward appearance? Does he have insecurities?

I ran into Wilson at a recent event in Charlotte and of course there's the chance to talk about THE INTERVIEW that he's been avoiding for months. I had no intentions of making him look girly or anything like that. I just wanted to find out his thoughts. He agreed to the interview under one condition….we do it live….on air.…..find out what Wilson had to say about men, skincare, being a media personality among many many other things. 

*Side Note…YES it was really storming/thundering LOUDLY during this interview and I will keep you updated on Wilson's thoughts on the men's skincare line I have coming for him.*

Listen to our Segment Here:

Keith Larson Show 8.5.11 Hour 3

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Dresden August 13, 2011 - 9:43 am

ha! I do love a manly man!


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