SeneGence International Founder: Joni Rogers-Kante (Interview)

by Amelia Old
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Joni Rogers-Kante is the visionary and driving force behind SeneGence International, a direct sales cosmetic company known for its products that really work, offering a career path for women that really works. Prior to founding SeneGence, Joni moved up through the ranks of the Sav-On® Drugs Corporation then became a top consultant for Mary Kay® Cosmetics before founding SeneGence and launching her first patented lip color product, LipSense in 1999. Today with a complete beauty regimen that includes over 300 proprietary beauty products, SeneGence is becoming a global brand through word of mouth from one satisfied user to another. Joni has also self-authored Million Dollar Lips an autobiography and business book that teaches how to succeed in the direct selling industry.

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You are the mastermind behind SeneGence, what inspired this vision? I always knew that I wanted to start a direct sales cosmetics company that sold products that REALLY WORK and offer a career path that really paid women for helping to build a new brand. Somebody I knew encouraged me to do so and said they believed I'd be successful at it. Their belief in me and my past experiences ultimately lead to the sealed deal known as SeneGence International. That’s a great example of what another’s belief in someone else can mean to the life of that person.  I suggest that if you believe in someone and their abilities, don’t hold back, tell them!  

What sets your products apart from the others on the market?  We offer products that really work and live up to their claims. The entire line of SeneDerm anti-aging skincare and long-lasting SenseCosmetics™ feature our proprietary anti-aging formulation, SenePlex Complex™, which helps to increase the rate of cellular renewal. This one-of-a-kind kinetic enzyme called SenePlex Complex fights the signs of aging by renewing skin, an average of 23.3% more rapidly for 100% of our consumers (based on independent laboratory testing) which in turn reduces fine lines and wrinkles an average of 55%. Because our patented long lasting color cosmetics also contain SenePlex Complex, they offer extra protection and anti-aging benefits, not only covering to protect skin but actually working to make it more beautiful. Our line of SenseCosmetics is extremely long-lasting, and waterproof. The premier product in the line was LipSense – THE original long lasting lip color in the beauty industry, that stays on for up to 18 hours.  

 What has been your proudest moment with SeneGence?  I have the great pleasure of experiencing proud moments weekly.  I mean, seriously … How wonderful and heartwarming is it to hear that a Distributor has been able to decorate her home or take children on a long awaited vacation because they could afford to do so with profits from their SeneGence business? I am proud when I hear from a Distributor that her salon or spa has experienced an increase in foot traffic and sales because she’s carrying SeneGence products. We’ve even had a couple owners sell their salons and become full time Distributors! How proud can you be to hear that a Distributor can quit her job and still afford to care for her ailing mother; pay for college tuitions, support herself and her children? As our company continues to grow around the world, it is I who gets to continue to feel proud of our beloved Distributors who share our wonderful product line with others all-the-while allowing other women the opportunity to make choices that are best for themselves and their families.

SeneGence also has a not for profit division. Can you tell me a little bit more about this and your efforts to empower women? SeneGence was founded on the vision of offering women a great opportunity to participate and prosper from helping to build a brand that would be in demand for years and years to come, through healthy cosmetics that really work, and to allow women to be independent and successful regardless of age, background and education. We aim to empower women through our generous Distributor compensation plan and as well as our non-profit Make Sense Foundation that supports women and children in need. As a non-profit organization it is separate from SeneGence but is funded by SeneGence and its Distributors. Together, product sales and additional fundraising efforts by company employees and our Independent Distributors make it possible to support local charities across the nation by "partnering." SeneGence Distributors nominate charities of their choice within their own communities to receive funds directly from the Make Sense Foundation or by using products as a fundraiser to raise funds and donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations. Thus far, the Make Sense Foundation has actively been in support of nearly 50 non profits that support women and children in need in dozens of states across the country.  

It's Summertime and while most enjoy spending time outdoors we need to protect our skin, what is the best skin regimen to keep us safe from the harsh sun? At SeneGence the answer is simple … Wash, protect, and beautify skin with makeup that stays on all day. Wash skin, apply moisturizer, and then apply your favorite shade of MakeSense Foundation (Not the non-profit) to your face.  The Make Sense Foundation features a mechanical shield equivalent to a waterproof SPF 30 that protects skin from the sun and atmospheric hazards. If not wearing color cosmetics and for the larger areas of the body, always protect skin with an SPF30  and re-apply frequently if you're swimming or sweating. If you're going to be out in the sun without makeup make sure to use a "broad spectrum" Sunscreen that provides protection from both UVA (Aging) and UVB (Burning) rays, such as light and oil free SeneDerm SeneSun SPF30.

What is your beauty product must have? I have many that I consider "must haves." To keep skin beautiful I use a SeneDerm Skincare regimen of course! Plus SeneDerm Climate Control, SeneSerum-C, our Shea Butter Body Cream, Hand Cream, Unscented Body Lotion, SendDerm Solutions™ NailExtend, LashExtend, and Polishing Exfoliator, these are daily "musts." To make it through my busy days feeling confident that my makeup looks good, I rely on our SenseCosmetics MakeSense Hydration Foundation & BlushSense, LashSense, EyeSense, BrowSense, and EyeLuminator. And for the perfect lips, LinerSense and my LipSense shade of choice for the day.

What spa/salon service can you not live without and where do you go to get this service done?  My hair takes regular maintenance. I prefer the services of long time friend Bridgette Clemect at Salon Belcourt in Newport Beach, CA.  Bridgette styles my hair for events and photo shoots. I also take the time from my busy work life and mommy schedule to treat myself to manicures and pedicures at least once every two weeks, some times more often, depending upon my schedule. Our NailExtend is a fantastic product that allows me to actually grow natural healthy beautiful long nails for the first time in my adult life, despite the fact I’m constantly exposing my nails to harsh circumstances while gardening and cleaning up dishes after evening dinners. NailExtend enabled me to removed acrylics last January after having worn them for over 25 years. I save money too! Other than my hair and nails, I do not frequent spas and salons very often. In the past, every time I go the spa the estheticians tell me I don’t need regular facials as my skin is in tip-top shape from our SeneGence products. I literally bathe in them from head to toe every day. So, unless I go to a spa for a special celebratory day or to socialize and spend time with a girlfriend, I prefer to spend my spare time with my husband and children.                                                        
What is your definition of Beauty? Beauty to me is unique to each person. I find beauty in individuals who revel in their own style and have perfected it – whatever the look. Even those styles that some might think outrageous and that would be ridiculous for me to adopt. I marvel at creativity and boldness in some while admiring the sweetness and softness of others. I am impressed with how one can put together stunning outfits on a tight budget while I can also appreciate the unique exquisiteness of those who are lovely in couture. Clothes, color, and style must blend with the person and their spirit … their ambience… the  expression in their eyes. If it all comes together, well, that’s what makes anyone and everyone beautiful.
Any final words?
 My most heartfelt advice to women everywhere is to know how valued you are and how valued your time is now; make sure that the way you spend each and every day during your working life is of benefit and service to others today and to your children tomorrow.



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