Celebrity “BrowGal” and Makeup Artist: Tonya Crooks (Interview)

by Amelia Old
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Known as “The BrowGal”, Tonya Crooks, is the co-owner of Mirror Mirror Beauty Studio. Tonya is a celebrity brow expert and makeup artist to stars such as Fergie, Megan Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Audrina Patridge, Britney Spears among many others. She recently sat down with us to share her expertise on brows, her favorite Summer trends and even her favorite celebrity to work with. 

Known for her ability to create the perfect brows for any face, Tonya began her career as an artist. What sets Tonya apart from other professionals in her industry is her ability to work with a person’s face shape and natural brow line to create a look that is natural, well-groomed, individualistic and consistent. Tonya says “I look at each client’s face, their natural lines and arches. I try to keep brows as natural as possible and shape them so that they look like they belong on the person’s face. I don’t do the same style for everybody.”


You’re known as an EyeBrow Guru and Makeup Artist…what inspired this career? I started out as a fine artist, and sort of fell into make-up on accident. I found that making up faces wasn’t that different from painting in that you are making something beautiful on a canvas. Brows came later when I started doing print work, and noticed that the models had terrible brows, and fixing them improved the whole look.


You are a favorite among celebrities and have met some of the top beauties in the business. I know it’s hard to choose favorites but who has been the most interesting to work with?  Definitely Fergie! She is completely down to earth and such a normal, real person. When I do her brows, we laugh the whole time – just like hanging out with a girlfriend!

What’s your favorite beauty trend for Summer 2011? Spray-tans are a must this summer, because it gives you a great tan without the sun’s damaging effects. In summer, make-up is better lighter and sheer, but great glowing skin really completes the carefree look. All you need is a spray-tan, mascara, and some gloss!

Do you have any tips for those who take care of their own eyebrows? Is this ok or should everyone visit an eyebrow specialist?  I would say to visit a specialist that is reputable and that you trust, and seek their assistance in getting the perfect shape. Try to then follow their lead to upkeep your shape.

Aside from working your magic on brows, you are a makeup artist. What’s the best way to keep our makeup in place in this Summer heat? If you want to wear foundation, make sure you have a good primer on underneath. A better bet is to use a tinted moisturizer, which gets more absorbed by your skin. Use cream shadows and blushes, not powder. Stains like Benetint are another great option.


What is your beauty product must have? I really love Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage – so amazing for masking imperfections!

What spa/salon service can you not live without and where do you go to get this service done? 
My business partner, Mindi Walters, does amazing oxygen facials that really rejuvenate my skin.

What is your definition of Beauty? Keeping everything natural. Try to magnify your natural beauty and play up your assets. There is beauty in everything – you just need to amplify what you have!

Any final words? I’m coming out with a product line late this year or early next year called The BrowGal. I’m really excited about it – it’ll help support the brow needs of every woman, and let everyone achieve perfect brows! I’ve been working on it for years and I’m so excited to finally debut it.

Stay updated on my Twitter, twitter.com/thebrowgal or visit my site at http://www.tonyacrooks.com


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