Building With Purpose-Balfour Beatty Construction

by Amelia Old
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Last week my husband and I had the opportunity to present a Lunch & Learn Session at Balfour Beatty Construction. The point of this session was to promote community involvement and to share our love of one of the organizations we work with-The Sandbox. Kudos to my husband who put the presentation together AND presented it. He was amazing.


What I really loved at Balfour Beatty was their willingness to be involved within the community. The employees who attended the Lunch & Learn Session CHOSE to attend. They weren’t forced as part of their daily meetings. They wanted to see how they could help give back.


After the presentation, we took time to speak one on one with the employees. Nearly everyone had additional questions and desires to learn more so they could not only get involved individually but most importantly get their families invovled!

Check out a few photos we snapped

This is me with Martin Walsh


The lobby…loved the lighting….

Far left: Me, BB employee Connie, BB employee Martin, BB employee Jill and my husband Tim

 I highly recommend that you check out Balfour Beatty’s Blog which focuses on their efforts to “Build With Purpose”

Interested in a 45 minute lunch and learn session at your place of business? We’d love to present ways to give back to your community as individuals and as a team. Email me for details

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