Promoting Community Involvement During My Journey to Mrs. South Carolina America

by Amelia Old
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The pageant world is completely new to me. While I competed a couple of times when I was MUCH younger, I never took it that seriously. I didn’t have much confidence and didn’t have much direction with what I could do with a bigger voice. Now that I am Mrs. Ballantyne America and walking on this new journey, I must say….it’s a little overwhelming. Not because I have to get in shape for the swimsuit contest, search for evening gowns or the perfect interview suit. The reason I am overwhelmed is due to the response I have received. I never realized how many people would stand with me….supporting me in helping others… sharing my personal stories…and really….just believing in ME and what I stand for!

You may ask…..what has led me to this journey of competing in Mrs. South Carolina America? I’m not your typical “beauty queen”. I’m not a seasoned pageant contestant. I am walking this journey for one reason alone. That is to promote community involvement among families, friends, employers….as partners….as teams….as individuals.

6a0134862984b3970c019104e7c939970c-piMe with Haley at The Sandbox Try-On Day. She’s wearing my sash 😉

I will be competing with other
married women throughout South Carolina in pursuit of the 2014 title of Mrs.
South Carolina America. Exposure such as this has afforded
past participants the opportunity to receive a larger platform for their cause
of choice. The winner of Mrs. South Carolina America will go on to compete in
the prestigious Mrs. America Pageant. How crazy is that….I am one step away (or shall we say, one crown away) from walking on the Mrs. America Stage.

6a0134862984b3970c0192acb0cf0a970d-piThe Sandbox 2012 Prom Queen, Abby, and I at Try-On Day

But for me….this isn’t about a stage…..a crown…..a pretty dress….or a title. This is about those I love in my community. The organizations I devote my time to – The SandboxAll
We Want is LOVE 
and Transcend ED and the many other organizations that need volunteers and ambassadors.

All We Want is LOVE Team (Photo by Doug Brooks)

I believe that the struggles, hardships, hard work and dedication of victims of these causes and
those who volunteer with these organizations need to be recognized within the
community. This pageant, this “new” audience, this platform will help me give these noteworthy organizations a

6a0134862984b3970c019104e7cde4970c-piMe with Sponsor-Stanley Owings from iMpact color cosmetics

How can you get involved?

Send me an email ->  

Currently, I am scheduling 45 minute Lunch & Learn Sessions at local businesses to discuss employer/employee community involvement. I’d love to speak with you about my story, the organizations I support and other ways you can get involved within our community.


I’d also like to thank those individuals and companies who have supported me as Sponsors along this journey. November 9th is right around the corner!


First of all, thank you to Brian Cuban, author of Shattered Image, for being one of my KEY Sponsors. Brian is an inspiration to many individuals, specifically men, as he has battled against (and won) the demons of eating disorders, body dysmorphia, substance abuse and depression.

My other FABULOUS Sponsors are


 Social Media Moms


Hot Moms Club




Transformative Life Center








The Stanley Park Football Team

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