Get Fit with Cardio Funk and Energyve

by Amelia Old
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Many years ago, long before I became a mother, I loved to go dancing. I could spend hours on the dance floor in the night club. As a young adult, I signed up for dance lessons just to help keep fit. I remember taking jazz, hip hop and even street fusion! I had a blast and I was in the best of shape.

Fast forward a few years…..I’m now a wife and a mom to 3. I admit that I’ve found it hard at times to have the motivation or even the time to workout. About a month ago, my sweet friend Sara invited me to a cardio funk dance class with her. I was a little hesitant at first… was I going to be able to keep up…..would it be intimidating……what were the other students like…….despite those thoughts and more….I joined her in class.


And that’s when I fell in love with dance all over. You see, even though it’s a cardio class and not labeled a true dance class….I still feel the happiness  I had before when I was dancing the night away. I caught on quickly to the steps and had an awesome time. The instructor, Lem Houston, owns Energyve. He provides cardio funk classes across the city as well as boot camps and personal training. Lem isn’t your typical fitness instructor though. I don’t think I have ever met someone with the energy level he has. Best part is? He’s like that , in his words, 98% of the time.  He loves life, he loves to dance and he wants to get people fit.

 A month later, I now have my kids attending and the Mr. has even gone too! We feel great when we leave class and it’s something that our family enjoys doing together. My kids especially love that they know all the songs we dance to. It’s so fun that it doesn’t even seem like a workout. My sweat proves differently at the end of every class though. Did you know that you can burn 900 calories in a 1hr cardio funk class?

This is for any age and any fitness level. It can be low impact or high impact….it’s what YOU make it by following Lem’s dance steps.

Check out this video I shot in class the other day

Since meeting Lem, I have partnered with him to help take Energyve to a whole new level. We are ready to get Charlotte fit! Don’t live in Charlotte? That’s ok. We are slowly uploading videos so you can participate at home!  Check out the youtube channel and subscribe ->

You can also become a fan on FB HERE

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