Interview with María Marín (Give a Girl a Break)

by Amelia Old
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The brand Always recently launched a program to give girls opportunities to pursue their passions. They believe women are stronger when they work together. Makes sense…right? Often times women may be fearful of their passions…..fear of not having the means to get started, the education behind them, the support and even fear of failure. If we are encouraged by others along the way, we are more likely to go towards those dreams. For those who have already succeeded, it means reaching out to those who haven’t been giving the same opportunities as you….maybe due to location, finances or simply just from their fear.

To help kick-off the program,Author and Life Coach, Radio and TV Personality María Marín promoted the program via a variety of outlets. I was able to interview María and was immediately inspired by her encouraging nature. She shared tips on how we could incorporate our passions in our daily life and provided more details on this phenomenal program.



One of my favorite things María said was “ask yourself….what is it that you like to do. Whenever you feel like you are attracted to something, it means there is a talent in yourself  that could be used in that area. If you like to write, there is a reason you like to write. Maybe you are supposed to be an author!”

She’s right. When you have interest in an area….it usually means you have talent in that area. I love to promote individuals and businesses. I love to help shape them and see them succeed. I previously worked as a talent agent and now I use those skills in marketing/pr and nonprofit. I love to help others grow their career….their dreams….their passions……whether they are a singer or a small business owner…..I want to see them succeed. This is my passion and this is my talent.

Check out the interview here. It’s certainly one you shouldn’t miss.

About María Marín:

María Marín is a motivational guru and life coach. One of only 25 most powerful women selected by top publication People en Español in 2012. Her message reaches millions through her highly rated, nationally syndicated, radio show. Recently named one of the most influential women in radio by Radio Ink Magazine (2013). María also writes a weekly column ((Mujer sin límite) in over 100 newspapers. Her latest book “Si soy tan buena, ¿Por qué estoy soltera?” (“If I am so fabulous, how come I’m single?”) immediately reached the number #1 spot on Amazon’s competitive motivational books category. Whether she’s on the air with her radio show, on TV, presenting a seminar to a live audience or through her books and columns, Maria’s mission is to help others believe in themselves. 

About “Give a Girl a Break” and Always

“Give a Girl a Break” will feature three teams of passionate female filmmakers as they create short films showing how support from other women can make a difference. The community can follow their journey on Facebook and join “Give a Girl a Break” to support other women at 

Always, P&G’s leading feminine protection brand, has been empowering women through its products and education programs for 30 years. As much as it empowers women, Always also champions women who support each other and will carry out this mission with “Give a Girl a Break,” and encourage women to lend a supportive hand to other women. 


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