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by Amelia Old
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It's the New Year and you know what that means. "I'm going to start my diet on Monday!" How many times have we all really heard (or even said)that . Regardless if it's January or July, there are always new fad diets, exercises and products on the market meant to help you lose weight and stay healthy. 

Personally, I previously had never found anything other than diet and exercise that was really helpful. Until now. My new favorite product? The Bodymedia Core Armband which allows you to track the calories you burn, the steps you take and even how efficiently you sleep. This new technology is even endorsed by Jillian Michaels and used on the hit show The Biggest Loser. 


This armband is comfortable and really easy to use. The more hours you wear it in a day, the more accurate the results. How do you get results? Track the data by connecting the armband to your computer. Here's an example of one of my days. You can see I was busy that day. Look how many steps I took!!! But, I didn't consume enough calories. 


With the holidays I slacked a great deal on what I ate and how often I wore the armband. But, I did notice that when I wore it….I paid more attention to my activity and calorie intake through the day therefore I received better results! Within the first week of using the armband I lost 6lbs…mostly water weight…but .it's a start!  It was also fun to find out how many steps are taken at different locations…for example….there's a greenway that I love to visit and I found out that I usually walk a good 6,000 steps when there! 

Now that we are the past the holidays, I can focus again. Looking forward to seeing the end results!

What's your favorite way to track your progress when attempting to get healthy?  It's the start of the New Year…..if you haven't found what works for you….I suggest checking out BodyMedia and their products. 


Opinions are solely those of the author and are based on the use of provided product by BodyMedia.

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