AFFINITAS Packaged Panties (Review)

by Amelia Old
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I must admit….when I first received information about AFFINITAS packaged panties…..I was hesitant. Not that I am a panty snob…..ok fine…maybe I am. I like nice lingerie. When I feel sexy…..I feel comfortable. When I thought of a packaged panty… first thought? No way would I wear a pair of big ole granny panties. I’m a 30 year old woman with a decent curve….I want to look sexy!

Oh, but AFFINITAS proved me WRONG (thanks guys!) A packaged panty doesn’t have to be ugly or made “just for comfort”. There package of 3 hipster panties are AWESOME. Three pair of sexy panties that come in a small-adorable box that can easily be thrown into your gym bag or carry on bag for a weekend getaway.( CONVENIENT!)

The size (one size) made me nervous but they were a perfect fit… AND comfortable. I won’t post a picture as I usually do in reviews of me – HA but I will say I pranced around in front of the mirror after putting them on. AFFINITAS Packaged Panties have been featured in Women’s Health and O (Oprah’s) magazine….ummm why am I just now discovering this jewel?

(Found at online and in person retailers worldwide $24)

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