Best Advice Ever Received…A Mother’s Day Tribute

by Amelia Old
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When asked what the best advice I ever received from my mom…..I didn’t have to stop and think very long. The best thing she’s ever told me? YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS. I never really understood the significance of this until I was much older. As a child, she probably got a few eye rolls with a response “yeah, ok mom…..whatever”.  Now that I’m 30 years old (and from the Elvis days per my lil man) I finally “get this” statement from her. I….you….any of us can do ANYTHING our heart desires….no matter what anyone else says.

My mother always taught me that I should never let anyone stand in my way. People are going to talk. You are going to cause ripples in still water. Before she became sick and on disability, my mother was inches away from being the first female partner within the accounting firm she was employed. Back then, it was unheard of for this to happen….especially in the smaller towns that we may consider “behind in times”. Being a woman did not stop her from going after what she wanted and what she loved.

I’ve taken the same mentality with me throughout my life. When I was growing up, it was expected you go to college and begin your career immediately after. A couple of years later you were to marry and have children. I didn’t want the white picket fence life. It wasn’t me. My heart did not desire this. I wanted to go out and experience everything I had been sheltered from. I knew there was so much more out there and that there was something “for me”. I had many people try to tell me how wrong I was in walking away from college and moving away from my family (including my mother) but for me……I needed more.

By going against the standards and following my heart,  I was a successful model and award winning international business owner by the age of 26.  Take that society! 

Let’s go one step further…..each of us who write articles, blog, review products or even play on social media all day……we have been told at some point that what we are doing is not worthy, is not a real career, is just a hobby. Guess what?! We’ve followed our desires and now get paid to do what we LOVE….provide our thoughts, our opinions and our lives with readers across the world. 

Thank you mom for this advice…….without that encouragement…..I just might have been “normal” but what fun would that have been? 

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