Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Celebrity Stylist Jeni Elizabeth

by Amelia Old
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Lets face it! The amount of stress Valentines Day brings is enough to drive any girl to pull her hair out! Will he call? Will he remember? Will I get flowers? Is it too soon? Do I get him a gift? What do I wear?? The list goes on and on!! There was a time in my life I was CONVINCED that Valentines Day was designed to make girls feel awful about themselves! With that said I wanted to give you all a jump-start on my favorite picks for gifts and items that may come in handy this year! Whether it’s what to wear or what to buy it never hurts to try to places and new fun ideas! Take a risk this year, even if you don’t have that certain someone in your life!

Organize a girl’s night out or host a fabulous cupcake party at your home with your favorite movies!

Style: You could spend hours looking for that perfect dress, that has the perfect price tag! I have to say one of my favorite websites of all time, and one I use with almost all my clients would be I swear it is possible to find any design, any color, and fabric for any body type! Everyone wants to look sexy on Valentines Day, and that doesn’t always mean that the dress has to be skintight or above the knee…in fact this season the runway has been filled with knee length and calve length dresses! If your looking for something perfect for you body this is the place t go! Super sexy and just stunning I would swear if you cant find it on her website it may not exist! Good news? It won’t break the bank either!


Accessories: Its not always easy finding that perfect accessory to match that perfect dress. I have never been a matchy match girl! I love having fun with color and adding something loud piece that no one would expect! PJs closet is the place to go for some fun sassy and spicy pieces! What I love about Pjs is that she offers some amazing styles and brands that are new and fresh! One example is Cha-Lo Brand; I promise you will want every piece!


Gifts: The gifting can always cause a headache. Here’s the thing, you have 2 options as I see it.  Go big or go personal. Valentines are people who are special to your heart for one reason or another. There are those people who love the personal gift of an amazing picture scrapbook, or a drawing or collage that you took the time to put together yourself. It’s really a personal decision depending on who the person is your gifting. I love looking at Martha Stewarts webpage and coming up with ideas, as well as Real Simple!  


If its something you are looking to go big on I recently came across an over night bag Millionaire Daytrip Duffle by Mam Couture Feel Like A Mill that I am just obsessed with! Any guy would die over it! It’s really your decision, but if the wallet allows it I would say do both!

No matter what you need to enjoy your day! It doesn’t matter if your mom and you spend your day making Valentines with your children! If your single, party like there is no tomorrow! If you do have that someone special in your life I say make this year special and do something crazy! It’s Valentines Day so you’re allowed to wear your heart on your sleeve and expect the world! No matter what make sure you do it in a FABULOUS way!!!


About Jeni Elizabeth

Celebrity and TV Fashion Stylist, Jeni Elizabeth is based in Los Angeles, California and has trained under some of Hollywood’s best. With over 7 years of experience, her styling can be seen on such stars as Carrie Underwood, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Jeni’s work is everywhere from fashion look books, music videos, and celebrity editorials, to some of the hottest Network Reality Television Shows. Along with these projects, she also enjoys styling her private clients for all occasions.

With an education from FIT in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Design, Jeni went on to work at New York’s legendary Boutique, Henri Bendel, where she ran the women’s department for three years. It was there that she met Michael Palladino, the man that would influence her to become one of Hollywood’s best and hardest working stylists in the industry.

Jeni is quickly becoming the Must Have in everyone’s fashionable closet before an event. Her fun and crazy personality make her a delight to work with and an instant favorite amongst all her clients. Her passion and devotion are immediately evident and inspire everyone around her. Jeni’s love for her craft gives her the ability to make anyone feel absolutely amazing about themselves after just ten minutes with her.

There is no doubt that Jeni is making her mark on the Red Carpet with her smile and talent.


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