My New Love: Introducing the Wet Paint Nail Glaze System

by Amelia Old
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I have a new love and I can pretty much promise that you've never seen anything like it. The Wet Paint Nail Glaze System. You can create endless color shades from minimal bottles, just by layering. That's right, you don't even have to remove your polish to make a change! The base colors, top coat glazes and special effects let you change your polish in an instant. In the picture below I am wearing Wet Paint's base primer and the base color Numb. Pretty…right!! 


To get a darker, more seductive look with a little bit of shine…I simply added Wet Paint's Glaze in Lewd.


Wet Paint offers 3 base colors and 3 glaze colors which allows the artist within you to shine. You can easily create up to 18 shades! And not only that! With the system, you can create 108 shades from their 15 bottle Salon Set. How cool is that! 

What I love about this is, there are some days I'd love a quick color change but don't have alot of time. If I'm rushing off to an event, I can apply a coat of another shade and let them dry while I'm driving. 

This winter you won't just be layering your clothes, you'll be layering your polish too. 

The Wet Paint Glaze System can be found at 

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