Holiday Wish List from Celebrity Stylist Jeni Elizabeth

by Amelia Old
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Everyone has a holiday wish list. Everyone has a certain something that they are hoping to open up around the holiday time from a person in their life. Most of these people are women. Women that are not only compiling a wish list year around in their heads, but also actually get disappointed when they do not get at least 80% of that wish list. I say this because I am one of these women.  Throughout the duration of the year I am guilty of compiling what I call the “Jeni Christmas Catalog” of items I would absolutely love to have on Christmas morning.  I feel like there are certain items every woman should have on their wish list this year. Certain trends or fun products that no woman should live without! Some expensive and some very attainable, but all absolutely having the ability to make a woman feel fabulous every day. 

My first and favorite would have to be the well-known Faux Fur Animal Hat! I swear I am obsessed. From the moment I received one myself to even seeing it on notable celebs I thought it was the happiest way to be cold! These hats not only bring a smile to adults and children, but they are also completely affordable! You can obtain a fun furry hat for as low as $14.99-$79.00. I say if you are going to wear a winter hat do it in style! Absolutely on my wish list for this winter!


This winter is heading to be one of the coldest and wettest holiday seasons of all. For those of us with a commute to and from work, our winter attire and staying warm is very important to us. For me I always worry when I get bundled up that I look like a worker in the North Pole! I get very excited when I can find items such as the Hunter Boot, otherwise knows as Wellies! Not only do they come in amazing colors and flatter my calves, but they are also completely affordable and are not just for winter, but also can be worn year around on those crazy rainy days! I think the Wellie boot should absolutely be on every woman’s wish list in her favorite signature color!


Black leather leggings should be in every woman’s wardrobe! These leggings are not just for women with legs that reach the sky! Leggings are fun and sexy and every woman no matter how tall they are have the right to wear something that make them feel sexy! Lets be honest, I dress everyday in what makes me happy, and I dress for men to feel sexy, not for a woman’s approval. With that said throwing on a pair of leather leggings changes my whole day. They can be paired with a black fitted tee and little ballerina slippers for a casual yet sexy day. They can be worn with tall black boots, flat or heeled for that extra splash of fun! They are actually very warm and very comfortable at the same time. Black leggings have several functions that are not just winter inspired and again are a wonder addition to your wardrobe! They are affordable and can be found everywhere from Nordstrom’s to Alice and Olivia. I LOVE them!


One of my favorite parts of being on the road is packing my cosmetic case. Working at Henri Bendel for so long I had the luxury of obtaining all of their amazing cosmetic cases that I am very simply obsessed with! Knowing that Henri Bendel is such an iconic part of fashion in NYC it makes me smile to be all over the country and have a piece of that with me at all times! For this reason I would encourage every woman to add the Henri Bendel Cosmetic set to her wish list this season. Cosmetics can be a very important part of a woman’s day and they deserve to travel in style as well!!!


So, what's on your holiday wish list? We'd love to hear from you! 


About Jeni Elizabeth

Celebrity and TV Fashion Stylist, Jeni Elizabeth is based in Los Angeles, California and has trained under some of Hollywood's best. With over 7 years of experience, her styling can be seen on such stars as Carrie Underwood, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Jeni's work is everywhere from fashion look books, music videos, and celebrity editorials, to some of the hottest Network Reality Television Shows. Along with these projects, she also enjoys styling her private clients for all occasions.

With an education from FIT in Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Design, Jeni went on to work at New York's legendary Boutique, Henri Bendel, where she ran the women's department for three years. It was there that she met Michael Palladino, the man that would influence her to become one of Hollywood's best and hardest working stylists in the industry.

Jeni is quickly becoming the Must Have in everyone's fashionable closet before an event. Her fun and crazy personality make her a delight to work with and an instant favorite amongst all her clients. Her passion and devotion are immediately evident and inspire everyone around her. Jeni's love for her craft gives her the ability to make anyone feel absolutely amazing about themselves after just ten minutes with her.

There is no doubt that Jeni is making her mark on the Red Carpet with her smile and talent.

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