Fast Track to Lasting Love from Dr. Dar

by Amelia Old
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Find Love with Fast Track to Lasting Love Workshop

How to Find Love and the Love of My Life

Dear Relationship Desiring Single:

I understand what it's like to want a loving relationship so deeply that it hurts. 

You Deserve to Find Love 

We all deserve to find love that makes our hearts race, our palms sweaty, and our knees weak, even months – or years – down the road?

I believe there is love out there for you and I know you can find love!  



You may be thinking, Dr. Dar,

  • If that’s the case, why am I out there looking for love but end up suffering through lackluster dates and doomed relationships?
  • Why am I not having any luck with finding a loving relationship?
  • Why do my relationships seem destined to fail?

Would you rather be saying:

  • “This is the one!”
  • “This year I will finally find love and the love of my life!”
  • “I am truly ready for a great relationship!”

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with you at all or in your quest to find love.  Your current wiring is keeping you from finding love and all that needs to happen is for your internal wiring to be adjusted so that you begin to attract what you desire externally.   

After suffering a few failed relationships myself…it seemed I would never find the type of love I craved.  I had almost given up on finding true love and the love of my life when I came across a relationship self discovery and readiness process that transformed my life completely.  You see, through that process, I rewired my internal circuitry to find love and immediately landed in the arms of the love of my life.  Now my true love and I have been happily married for 11 years and counting.

I have to be honest with you, I did not find love with the love of my life until I learned how to clear the gunk in my head, clarified who I was, did my inner work to get ready for a relationship, and learned how to have a healthy, successful relationship.  By taking this class, you will have more self-confidence, self-love, and know exactly what you require, need and want so that you can be fulfilled, love yourself enough to say no when needed, and know how to manage boundaries, and create a loving respectful relationship.

Begin Your Path to Find Love and Self-Love Today

Next Class Starts on Wednesday OCTOBER 12th

In this program, you will:

  • Complete a relationship readiness assessment to gauge your readiness for love and a committed relationship
  • Learn how living in the “wrong” level in the 3 levels of consciousness can sabotage your long-term relationship goals as you start dating again
  • Identify your hidden lurking limiting beliefs: what they are, how they keep you from attracting love, and how to destroy them before they obliterate your ability to attract the love of your life
  • Create your personalized step-by-step dating guide to turn your daydreams into visions of your perfect relationship with the love of your life…and ultimately transforming those fantasies into reality
  • Evaluate your dating requirements, needs, and wants for compatibility with potential mates (and avoid the heartache of entering into a doomed relationship) 
  • Identify the difference between solvable and unsolvable relationship problems (so you have a ready gauge for when it’s time to stick things out and when it’s time to walk away from the relationship) 
  • Get a template for finding your non-negotiable relationship requirements (so you can quickly spot red flags in the early days of a relationship)
  • Watch for ideal personality traits that lead to a supportive, committed relationship (and quickly identify partner traits that won’t easily fit into your long-term relationship requirements)

Once we establish a strong foundation for a committed relationship, we’ll move on to the implementation phase where you will take decisive ACTION to attract love into your life with Dr. Dar by your side.

Here you will:

  • Develop your Dating Action Plan, full of step-by-step strategic actions for attracting the love of your life
  • Identify the best places to meet your potential partner where you can have fun, be yourself, meet new friends, and enjoy yourself
  • Prevent yourself from falling into the one mistake so many singles unknowingly make that sets them up for relationship failure and heartache, time and time again
  • Identify the four essential dating skills that will help you find your soul mate and find the love of your life much quicker than you ever thought possible
  • Have a blast during the dating process, while also moving steadily toward your long-term relationship goals
  • Avoid getting sucked into a long-term relationship with someone who is NOT your ideal mate
  • Drastically increase your chances of long-term relationship success
  • Discover one huge red flag right away that will reveal a partner who is unwilling of your love and attention…and should cause you to run for the hills 
  • Master the 10 new laws of love that are crucial in building a solid relationship in dating advice for women
  • Approach a potential partner in a way that is friendly, non-threatening, and respectful (and nearly destroys your chance at being shot down or laughed out of town)
  • Quickly gauge someone’s interest in you (so you’re ten times less likely to fall into the awkwardness of flirting with someone who clearly isn’t interested)
  • Master the art of using Introductions to determine almost immediately if you have enough in common with someone to pursue a relationship (this is the key for quickly screening potential partners for compatibility – before spending weeks, months, or even years with the wrong partner)
  • Conquer first-date jitters, make your date feel comfortable, and position yourself as a friendly, intelligent, engaging partner (hint: the secret lies in 5 must-ask questions – memorize these simple inquiries and swear off uncomfortable first dates for good!)

What’s Included in this Fast Track to Lasting Love program?

The Fast Track to Lasting Love program comes complete with everything you need to transform your dating life including:

  • Weekly assignments chock full of checklists and thought-provoking questions to help you make changes delivered to you in small chunks so you can easily apply each lesson without getting overwhelmed and get RESULTS
  • Group Q&A telephone sessions to address your questions, get some one on one time with Dr. Dar, and guide you past any obstacles and keep you moving forward
  • A private strategy session with Dr. Dar to address your deepest questions
  • Full support to help you avoid compromising your requirements (which almost ALWAYS leads to heartache!)
  • Examples of attraction strategies that you can use in your action plan for dating again
  • A template for writing an online dating profile that is uniquely YOU and will attract your ideal partners
  • Bonus:  access the class materials and exercises for 1 year to continue applying what you learned (does not include private sessions with Dr. Dar)

Next Class Starts on Wednesday OCTOBER 12th

Click HERE to register

Find Love in the Fast Track to Lasting Love program and put your old dating ways to final rest!



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