Last Minute Smile Moments with Crest 3D White

by Amelia Old
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What do you typically do in two hours? Have a nice workout? Take care of the laundry? Cook Dinner? Or in my case….write articles? Guess what the latest claim is?! You can whiten your teeth in just 2 hours. Can you imagine wearing whitening strips while you get ready for a big event and by the time you walk out the door……your pearly whites are noticeably brighter?

The main physical compliment I get would be my smile so of course I want to keep my smile up to par. Within the first 5 seconds of meeting someone, we are judged from head to toe and your smile is included. I may take care of my teeth but that doesn't mean they are white and bright all the time. I do love my red wine and this can cause my smile to not be as pearly as I'd like. I'll be honest, I have only found one product in my entire life that I love when it comes to whitening my teeth. And the product is NOT a drug store brand. How convenient would it be to run to the store and pick up whitening strips before a business meeting or even your next hot date?!

I was pretty excited to learn about Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips. Yeah, say that 3 times fast. I am always up for reviews when it comes to whitening ESPECIALLY one that claims to do it in 2 hours! I've always loved Crest products in the past so I am confident I won't be let down. So my Pretties can follow my progress, below is a Before photo. Within the next day or so, I will post again with my after photo! Stay tuned!!! I can't wait to share my thoughts with you on this new technology.




*I am participating in a Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips campaign hosted by One2One Network. This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. One2One, Crest and Pretty in the Queen City promote Blog with Integrity*

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Shana D September 25, 2011 - 8:34 am

I’ve heard these strips work wonders, can’t wait to see your results


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