Interview with Target Beauty Designer-Petra Strand of Pixi Beauty

by Amelia Old
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You don't have to go far for amazing designers now that Target has really upped their selling tactics. Adding designers many people wouldn't have access to has really created a frenzy among fashion and beauty lovers. A good frenzy! Just yesterday, they launched Missoni-having every woman I know rushing to nearby stores.

One of the top beauty designers they've added is make-up artist Petra Strand. With over 20 years experience as a makeup-artist, Petra started her make-up line,Pixi, over 10 years ago. From a London Boutique to Target, Petra is letting nothing hold her back from making her line available worldwide and to the every day woman.

PETRA STRAND's  mission? "To make women look themselves, only better." With quite the following including stars such as Oprah Winfrey and Helena Christensen, Petra is definitely making a name for herself far beyond her first boutique in London. Petra took some time to share with us her inspiration, beauty tips and her views on true beauty.


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What inspired you to create your cosmetic line?
As a makeup artist, I was looking for products with good-for-you ingredients that I would feel comfortable to use on myself. When I started Pixi 12 years ago, I could not find any cosmetics that were multipurpose, stay-put and waterproof with a definite skincare & treatment angle that I needed.I wanted to create products that were multipurpose to save time & to simplify makeup application and that also required no touch ups during the day; all products needed to last all day – eyes, cheeks, lips and bases.My makeup style has always been minimal fuss for maximum result (both short and long term results needed).I started a small boutique in London selling my own makeup and skincare products 12 years ago. I’ve been a makeup artist for more than 20 years now.
You have quite the A list following. Who is your favorite individual to work with? 
My favorite people are always down to earth, full of fun and pros at what they do. I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of amazing women.As a general rule, I’ve found that the more famous or successful they are, the nicer they are too – and they have the same beauty issues that all of us have.I am a fan of ALL multitasking, strong and creative women out there. Real women with real issues – that’s who I’m creating products for.
 What was the process to become a Target beauty designer? Who approached who and how excited were you to have your own line in a store that's quite a household name?
I have always admired the way Target makes great design accessible to everybody. Even when I was living in London I knew about Target – when they contacted me for Pixi, I jumped at the chance to work with them. Pixi started 12 years ago in a small boutique in London that we still have today. I was so honored that Target even knew about Pixi, and I am thrilled that my brand is now available to women across the country.Pixi is very inclusive – for everybody – so to have a partner like Target is a dream come true for me.
What was your inspiration for your collection for Target? 
I get inspiration from women all around me. Pixi is primarily about treatment color to wake up your skin and face. It’s also about simplifying and demystifying makeup for everyday women that are busy combining family and work life. Every product has a concept and solution behind it.
If I were to look into your makeup bag, what would I find?
A bunch of lab samples of new products that I am currently working on and testing.
Also right now you’d find:
-          Pixi Wakeup Concealer – I use this all over my face, especially where I’m red or dark
-          Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Opal Orchid – this is the perfect nude glowy pink
-          Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in Rosy – dab this on apples of cheeks and lips; it’s the perfect rosy colour for late summer
-          Pixi Eye Zone Brightener – to refresh my under eye makeup, soften lines and create subtle highlights; I also love to use it around the lips
-          Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackTulip – dot into lash line for an invisible lining effect that stays on all day
-          Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Blue – makes my eyes look awake & bright and holds the curl all day and all night
-          Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – a must for my super-straight lashes to open up my eyes
You spend your life helping others feel beautiful, how do you take care of yourself? 
I don’t! As much as I love beautifying other people more than anything, I’m so impatient with my own makeup & beauty routine. For example, I never have spa facials because I can’t sit still long enough However, these are the things my grandma taught me that I try to stick to on a daily basis:
drink lots of water
try to walk for 30 minutes per day
try to have early dinner at 6
get as much sleep as you can when tired, wear minimal makeup – make sure to curl your lashes and stay away from powders. I like to use skin-like finishes like gels and creams – they add hydration and plumpness and a sheer translucent fresh color but they always look like natural skin.
 What's your favorite spa/salon service and where do you go to get it done?
I never go to salons – I’m too impatient and I don’t feel I have the time. However, my sister is a skin therapist, and I let her do one thing that saves me time in my day to day beauty routine. She dyes my lashes the deepest black blue colour – it saves me from having to wear mascara for a good 2-3 weeks. It’s great to do before a holiday. If I go to a spa on holiday, it’s always for a body massage or reflexology. It’s a real treat and a great way to move from work mood to holiday mood.

How do you define beauty? 
I see & find beauty in everybody. Happy people are always the most beautiful. To me, looking beautiful is to look healthy, awake, fresh, radiant, happy & wholesome. I feel that people look their absolute best when they enhance their natural beauty, not trying to hide or change anything. “Looking like you, only better” is a Pixi motto. Confidence is very attractive too.

Any exciting projects on the horizon?
Right now I am very excited about the Pixi magazine we are about to launch this fall. I am an avid magazine reader and the Pixi magazine lets me share my makeup musings, as well as new product launches, tips & tricks on makeup application and everything else Pixi.

For more on this and all things Pixi, visit

 Any final words? I try and remind myself every day to live, love & laugh! As busy as we all are, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the moments and the small things in life.I also try and remember that this is my life and not a dress rehearsal – so I’d better enjoy it!!! 🙂

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