Cinda B launches New Fall Color: Belize Brown

by Amelia Old
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Cinda B is introducing a gorgeous new colorway this Fall – Belize Brown. 

Inspired by the lush rainforests and exotic landscapes of Belize, the new colorway from Cinda B is sure to stir a sense of wanderlust. Belize Brown features staccato stripes of varying greens, orange and reds complimented by fresh palm green piping, set against a base of rich, chocolate brown.  The combination reminds of a warm sunset glinting across a romantic seascape.

 Belize Brown will be available in each and every one of the Cinda B bags – including the company’s bestselling travel and beauty bags, and popular sport totes. 


Keep your mini-me divas in style with this trendy Cinda B Junior Backpack in Belize Brown


 Cinda B new Saddlebag and Classic Handbag in Belize Brown

Cinda_b_belize_brown_new _bags

I LOVE this SuperTote with the various travel bags in Belize Brown. This is a must-have in all of my pretties closets this fall!


 Cinda B is available throughout North America in regional retail stores and online.


About Cinda B –  Cinda Boomershine started her Atlanta-based interior design firm in 2002. After earning industry recognition for her fresh and functional approach to design, Cinda was invited to join the cast of TBS's nationally-broadcast Movie and a Makeover as the on-air Design Expert.  Running from client to client, and all places in-between, Cinda found herself searching for that perfect, everyday tote bag that was just as stylish and fun as it was versatile and functional and discovered a huge niche that needed filling. In 2004, she launched the Cinda B brand.  All pieces made in Indiana, USA.


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