iMpact color cosmetics Glam Studio (Review)

by Amelia Old
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I survived the thunderstorms in Charlotte yesterday but honestly I was having so much fun at the iMpact color cosmetics Glam Studio that I barely noticed the torrential downpour, thunder and lightening outside. 


You've heard me talk about iMpact color cosmetics in the past and they were even a part of the recent Une Belle Femme Event but I thought it was about time that I tell you more about this unique, inspirational and fabulous brand. 

iMpact’s philosophy is that true beauty and real confidence come from within – when a woman looks good, she feels good. Makeup should enhance and highlight a woman’s natural features. 

The mission is simple. Offer a flawless clean look paired with an uplifting, inspiring experience. The first of its kind : Fusion of Makeup and Ministry. A beauty brand created by Stanley Owings to revolutionize the Beauty Industry. 


So other than offering inspiring messages with each product, what is unique about this brand? Each product has self-adapting pigments, skin-improving complex and color-matrix technology.


Color-Matrix Technology

~ Based on the principles of color theory

~ Creates pigments that evenly match skin’s undertone and are able to color correct imperfections

Skin-improving complex

~ Powerful cocktail of potent anti-oxidants including Vitamins A, C, & E to improve and protect skin

~ Provides Anti-aging benefits not usually found in color cosmetics

~ Skin benefits even after make-up is taken off

~ Customer will see a noticeable difference in her skin from using iMPact color cosmetics

Self-adapting pigments

~ The encapsulated pigment delivery system allows for the product to immediately blend to match the skin tone, allowing for an effortless application, perfect match, and all day wear

“WOW” factor

~ Every product has its own unique, special ingredient and/or technology 

~ Example: tinted moisturizer with SPF has hyaluronic acid

~ Example: foundations have pistachio vera seed oil

~ Example: all powder products are silk milled 

Having held top positions for the most prestigious beauty brands in the business (YSL, Dior, MAC, and Prescriptives), Stanley Owings is in an enviable position to parlay his vast network of beauty editor contacts, A-list clients, and celebrities into talking points and recognition for the brand.

Stanley is ready to demystify the smoke and mirrors behind makeup and reveal all of the tips and tricks from behind the scenes and teach them to the everyday woman.

Enter : The iMpact Glam Studio which is located at Fuze Salon. This isn't your typical makeup counter. You are working with a true artist. You aren't working with a hired assistant. You work directly with the man behind the brand. 


Each product has an inspiring name such as "i'm free", "i'm blessed" "i'm confident" and products come with a wristband that says "i'm world iMpact" as a reminder to use YOUR life to iMpact someone else.

Impact5Photo by Erin Hubbs (

I have had the pleasure of spending time with Stanley on a couple of occasions and he truly makes everyone feel beautiful and the light within him shines through offering love, peace, inspiration and truth. Not only is he an amazing individual but his brand is one of the most unique brands I've ever seen and the first I've seen that offers such an inspiration. 


Not only does the brand have a beautiful mission but the quality is amazing. I personally use iMpact on a daily basis. My loyal readers know that I am a HUGE fan of red lipstick, especially Chanel Dragon #75, but I have set Chanel aside for "i'm confident" from iMpact. I LOVE it and get so many compliments. Not only am I fan of the lipstick but the foundation is unbelievable. My skin looks absolutely flawless after application.

Check out this photo of me after Stanley worked his magic

I'm not going to share much more because you need to check it out for yourself. If you live in Charlotte, Stanley's iMpact Glam Studio is located at Fuze Salon (1819 East 7th Street Charlotte, NC 28204) or you can purchase products on  .

You can also follow Stanley and iMpact at

Impact9Me with the man behind the brand, Stanley Owings

"love yourself. love others. make an iMpact." ~ Stanley Owings


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Lisa June 11, 2011 - 10:13 am

Now? My curiosity is peaked to the extreme. When can we go see Stanley my dear?

Excellent piece leaving me jonesing for cosmetic goodness.


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