(UPDATE) Picking up the Pieces:The May Family

by Amelia Old
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Exactly one month ago, a tornado ripped through Tuscaloosa, Alabama as well as many other communities causing massive destruction. I shared the story of Renee May (A childhood friend) and her family who survived the storm.

Last week, I was contacted by a writer from Redbook Magazine , a national women’s magazine, and I am very happy to say that they will be sharing Renee’s story in the August Issue.

Thank you all for your support for Renee, her family, Tuscaloosa, the other families and communities that have been affected by these devastating storms in the last month.

6a0134862984b3970c01538ec509d8970b-pi2011 Photo of the May Family

You can read my original post about Renee and her family below: 

On April 27th, 2011, Tornadoes ripped through the southern states causing massive destruction. In some communities, I’m told it looks like a war zone. I haven’t seen anything first hand but each day I am glued to facebook because it’s my closest connection to those affected.

I am thankful that everyone I personally know survived the storms however a few unfortunately have lost their homes. One of those is a childhood friend of mine, Renee Parker May. Renee, her husband Dustin and 2 year old daughter Oakley survived the storms but they lost everything else….their home, their shop, their cars, everything.


Photo of the May family


Two year old Oakley

As I am in North Carolina, it’s harder for me to get to Alabama to help with the clean up efforts. I have many followers of this blog and it’s my goal to help Renee and her family as much as we can. I will be collecting donations via Pretty in the Queen City for this family. All donations will be given to Renee and her family to use as they see fit with their immediate needs. Below are some photos of their home,shop and one of their cars. Renee, who is an elementary school teacher, survived with her family by hiding in the shower. The shower still stands. I have no doubt in my mind that a higher power was looking over this family on that frightening day in Tuscaloosa.

6a0134862984b3970c0154320f1e7e970c-500wiThe shower that saved their lives!

Thousands upon thousands were affected by this storm and I know we all want to help in some way. We can’t all be there in person and we don’t all have the means to arrange huge pick ups but you can help. What may seem small to you is huge to someone else.

Renee, Dustin and Oakley….we love you. You will make it through this as you begin picking up the pieces and rebuilding your life. Stay Strong.










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Jennifer B. May 2, 2011 - 7:51 pm

Thank God for the shower. He works in interesting way. I’m glad that they’re safe. I know it’s hard to replace things especially when everything’s been ruined but so glad they are okay.

Sending prayers to this family and others like them!

Gena May 5, 2011 - 9:48 am

Keeping them in my prayers. It’s so unbelievable!

Amanda F May 31, 2011 - 12:48 pm

WOW! That is amazing about the story being published! I will definitely get a copy! *Remind me! hehe!


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