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by Amelia Old
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Brittney Cason isn’t just the girl next door, she’s the girl next door to her. Having been published in Cosmo and MAXIM, and having a weekly column in Charlotte’s Creative Loafing, she has written her way to the middle. To support her writing habit she also works on TV.  She was just voted one of the top 5 stylish people in all of Charlotte. She is still trying to figure out why.”

Not only was Brittney named one of the Top 5 Most Stylish by Charlotte Style Magazine this year but she is also this week’s Queen City Pretty. Claiming to be the CEO of herself, Brittney also works for Creative Loafing, 3 Wide Life, Nightlife TV, and whoever else might want to pay her to write or ” lease” her out from her agent at Evolution.

Brittney took time out of her busy schedule to share some of her personal beauty tips with a few laughs along the way. Thank you Brittney for being this week’s Queen City Pretty.

What is your beauty product must have?  My cavity protection plus whitening toothpaste. I find it imperative to brush my teeth everyday to clean the thing that I wear everyday and with anything; my most favorite accessory … a smile. A smile is an underrated fashion statement that is translated universally across every language.

Besides, brushing my teeth is about the only consistent beauty routine I have aside from moisturizing.

If I were to peek in your makeup bag, what would I find? An assortment of half used horded creams and concealers that I spend a lot of money on, but then have to stop using because they don’t work or I’m allergic to them. That, and lots of MAC make-up. Whenever I have a big event I go to the MAC counter, and then simply pay for my makeover with the $50 minimum purchase. Charlotte make-up artists I’ve worked with from Sandi Fix to Scott Weaver can cost up to $500, a day … so I feel like that’s quite a bargain, plus I get to keep the make-up … and not go to the event looking like a clown, which tends to happen when I do my own make-up.

What spa/salon service can you not live without and where do you go to get this service done? I like DJ Rowshay (aka Dwayne) at Salon 8 (SouthPark), Hudson at Valeria (Lake Norman), and Brittany at Dolce Vita (Ballantyne).

Not only are they great stylist, but I like them, so I don’t mind sitting in their chairs for hours on end. The trick to getting a good stylist is to find someone you can talk to, and trust not to give you a mullet.

As for my most important beauty regimen, protecting my smile … I go to Kelly Wilson at SouthView Dentistry.

Who is your beauty icon? I’ve always been ashamed to say it because she hasn’t always been the classiest of icons, but since she was just voted the most beautiful woman in the world, I will … Jennifer Lopez. She made having curves cool. And therefore I went from being called “fat” to “phat ass” … so thank you J-Lo, for making being ethnic beautiful. And when she designed clothes there were finally jeans that fit short girls with a lot of junk in her truck.

What is your definition of Beauty? At the risk of sounding like an after school special, inner beauty.

It is physically impossible to be a beautiful person unless you are both inside and out. Beauty isn’t about symmetry per say, it’s about soul and depth … deeper than the skin. Anytime I make eye contact with someone I smile at them, if it’s returned, I usually find that person to be beautiful. Beauty, like character isn’t always something that is immediately evident.

 Read Brittney Cason’s Sex and the Queen City column at www.lovebrittney.com and check out www.brittneycason.com

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