The Craziest Beauty Trends I’ve Seen

by Amelia Old
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From Chocolate Fondue wraps to Leech Detox, each year there is always some new crazy beauty trend that sweeps the country (and even world). I love trying new trends just as much as the next beauty product lover but there is a time when a beauty expert must say “No”.

Vajazzling. We’ve heard this for a couple of years now but this crazy beauty trend just doesn’t seem to go away. For some reason, women LOVE to decorate “down there” with crystals.Um, I don’t know about you but I’d rather my vajayjay not look like a disco ball. I say “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”, keep your bedazzler away from me.



Mila Kunis has caused a recent uproar with her pre- Golden Globe facial. Oh, it ONLY cost $7,000. You read that right. No extra zeros. $7,000! She didn’t necessarily pay for this…she was more of the guinea pig for her aesthetician’s new product..Mila’s aesthetician, Scott-Vincent Borba is creating a new ruby and diamond peel facial. The real diamonds and rubies are supposed to help create a fresh glow on your face, neck,chest, hands and arms. Whatever happened to just wearing diamonds and rubies on your fingers? Do you know what kind of shopping spree I could have for $7,000?



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